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  1. There are a couple out there on S4GRU. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4713-republic-wireless-sprint-lte-moto-x/?hl=%20republic%20%20wireless
  2. That's pretty sweet. So I'm still on an employee advantage plan with sprint and need an airwaves at my home location. Unfortunately, I found out that with a complementary Airave if you stop using it or cancel service you have to return it to technical support. I guess it isn't really unfortunate as Sprint provided the hardware and waived the monthly service fee for me to continue to receive highly discounted service when I moved to our current home. Hopefully when 800 SMR fires up in my area the Airave can go to another subscriber, but for the time being it is a must.
  3. Looks like Ting has opened up the BYOD beta to everyone. https://ting.com/blog/bring-a-sprint-device-to-ting-you-know-you-wanna/
  4. I'm looking into that as well. The thing I'm wondering about is the status of my Airrave. If I wait until I'm out of contract does the Airrave belong to me or do I have to send it back. Until Sprint turns up the 800 smr in my area I definitely need it. Then the other problem is I have a box of old Sprint phones that I could BYOD, but non of them are compatible on 800 smr. This wouldn't be a problem since Ting has voice and data roaming but I'm still close enough that the phones toggle back and forth from Sprint to the old Alltel CDMA in my area now operated by AT&T. Oh we'll I guess I
  5. I never knew it was only voice roaming. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. My usage has really dropped over the last year and I have looked @Ting pretty hard. At this point it doesn't look like they would save me any money but I went ahead and signed up for their new "Bring your own handset" beta that looks like will be starting before the new year. Figured I would try it and then hand it off to a family member who pays over $60/month on VZW for a old flip phone with no camera, text or data. I doubt I will be able to get them to switch evening though their bill is not a real value.
  7. Robert, So how does one come across heights and down tilt data? Do you work for Sprint, Ericsson or a vendor or something? I think you might have commented on this in a prior post, but I couldn't recall. Wes
  8. Also I guess there have been layoffs at Ericsson recently field tech wise that maintain Sprint/Clearwire sites in the northwest territory.
  9. I ran across some Contract Network vision job postings in my area today. http://www.indeed.com/rc/clk?jk=d46c137606421147 A couple of my friends still work at Ericsson and say that Network Vision capacity upgrades have been going on for a bit. Also adding equipment to sites for backhaul. This is in the Denver market.
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