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  1. I activated two Xs Max iPhones via Sprint’s website on Friday, both had the same problem. After the first error, I carefully checked the IMEI that Sprint’s website listed, and the last digit was missing. I manually input the IMEI and activated without problems. When I began the second activation I checked the IMEI first, and the website was again incorrect. So I manually input the IMEI and successfully activated the second phone.
  2. My Galaxy Nexus made me scared of Samsung radios pretty much forever ...
  3. Echoing bucdenny's experience here. I've been on "staycation" the last week, running all over SD with some out-of-town guests. My iPhone 6S hangs onto LTE better than my HTC M8, but still I've been dropping to 3G like crazy in areas where I normally have good LTE: El Cajon, Spring Valley, La Mesa, Sorrento Mesa, Downtown, Airport / Harbor Drive, North Park, Del Mar. Also had a lot of drops-to-3G in Escondido and San Marcos, but then the network seems to do that in those areas anyway.
  4. Hi BigRed, Same issue here. I've set the timezone to manual for the present. Have fun, John
  5. Usually I worry if it pairs well in the car - phone calls, music, etc. I think all Bluetooth from at least 4.1 forward support HD audio for phone calls, so my headset sounds good on conference calls. My M8 is all-around solid in that department - headset, car, music. My previous phone, a Galaxy Nexus, was an awful bluetooth performer.
  6. Yeah, that's the comment that's been holding me back. 25 vs 22 on Band 25. San Diego is all about Band 25 at the present time. B41 is rolling out, at maybe 30% ~ish. B26 is non-existent due to IBEZ and San Bernadino public safety. According to AJ, the M8 has a reputation for dropping off LTE and hanging on to eHRPD for too long. My personal experience mirrors this, although I notice it seems to happen mostly when I drop off B41 while driving. The M8 then stays stuck on 3G, even if I there's B25 or B41 available. I have use SCPro to reset the radios and then I'm fine. I'm really hoping that Huawei will do a much better job with the radio handoffs. Like I said in my comments on the Moto X 2015 thread, the absolute best radios I've ever had were in my Moto Photon 4g, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Thanks though for telling me how your wife's 6s radio is working. That's encouraging. Are wifi and bluetooth pretty solid? Have a great day, John
  7. Hi Cletus, Thanks for the info on the subreddits, for some reason I always forget about Reddit! At the moment I'm tending towards the 6P, although the size is holding me back. I've pretty much decided against the Moto X because I'm not sure where Lenovo will go in regards to regular updates. And I won't get the 6s+ - I've held it and the size just work for me. The size is a factor for the 6P, yet because it's pure Android with rapid updates I'm willing to perhaps forgive that. So I think that leaves me with the 6s 128GB as the only other choice I've seen lots of 6P reviews since yesterday, but none that mention radio performance. So, if I don't get entirely frustrated with the M8 before I see 6P radio numbers, I may be able to hold on a few more days! Have fun, John
  8. Hi everyone, I love this forum for radio and signal discussions. I especially appreciate the info found in this thread. I'm on the cusp of deciding between Moto X, Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6s. What other forums do you all like for iPhone discussions, perhaps similar to xda-developers.com? I've checked out forums.macrumors, ilounge, iphoneforums.net and imore. But I haven't found much in the way of in-depth technical discussion. Where do you go went you want to dive in to internals, services, hardware, etc? I appreciate your time and your suggestions! Have a great day, John Sage
  9. That's a remarkably astute statement. I'm sincerely curious - what insight gleaned from my comments has enabled you to reach such an incisive conclusion? Have a great evening, John
  10. Yes, saw that. Very disappointing. Last year's flagship is left high and dry. I've rooted every Android device I've ever owned. And I've jailbroken each of my iPhones. You know what, I'm kinda tired of it. I just want a clean, unbloated phone that will do what I want and will get reasonably fast OS upgrades for a reasonable length of time. At least two years, right? I don't want to flash a custom ROM anymore just to get a clean phone, or to bring a one-year old phone up to the current OS level. Because custom ROMs often mean mismatched radio software, flakey APNs, and a raft of ROM-chef bloat that I don't want either. If I had time, I would probably learn how to make my own ROM, but unfortunately I never have time for that kind of fun any more. So I think you're right on the money. With unlocked, clean phones there shouldn't be a need to root. Not even for a good, complete backup. Have fun! John
  11. This is one of my requirements - direct updates from the manufacturer, not held hostage by the carrier. I'm worried about Moto's commitment to timely Android updates since their purchase by Lenovo. Thanks for the added insight and comparison. I so wished for the Nexus 5X to be spec'd a bit better in the RAM and memory departments, because the LG Nexus phones were so well done. 2GB RAM might be just enough, but I want a little better. And there's just no way I can get by with only 32GB and no SD card. Sprint's network in San Diego is just not reliable enough for me to depend entirely on Google Drive while I'm out and about! So far it's either going to be Moto X wtih 64GB and SD card, or Nexus 6P with 128GB. Best radios win!
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I'm looking at the Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S as well as the new Moto X. As much as I like the iPhone's quality and good radio performance, I like the freedom of Android even more. So for me, it's coming down to the Moto X which I can get right now, the Nexus for which I'll have to wait a month, or the iPhone which will require me to change my workflow. I guess it will depend upon how much longer I can tolerate my M8. Have a great evening!
  13. You are the king of corn My wife thought it was funny when I first got an AARP card. But the free wifi at hotels so that I can read S4GRU when my M8 can't pull in LTE (and of course the hotel & travel discounts) more than pay for the membership!
  14. Yeah, I do the connection reset in SCP when I'm particularly frustrated.
  15. lol I better start paying closer attention to the AARP special offers in my mailbox!
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