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New suggestion: A moderated 'Index' thread


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I saw something like this done on a gaming site or two before, and it hit me earlier that, if someone ever had the time (and that's kind of the key to the idea, so I certainly don't harbor much on the front end in terms of expectation that it could be implemented here, but it was a thought I felt good enough to propose and see what might happen), it would really be great for members of this site like myself who are more on the green side as it relates to various facets of not just the wireless industry, but especially so as it relates to Sprint and NV.


Now, before I go on, I understand there's already a FAQ thread, but the idea/implementation of this is different. The index thread is more of an outline fashion, and under every topic, you have multiple links to not even so much full threads (and in fact I'd discourage linking full threads for this idea), but specifically chosen *posts* within a given thread by the moderators that give some outstanding detail/information about that topic.  Hence, why it would also need to be a moderated thread which is locked and unable to be posted in by anyone else.


Just to throw out as an example of why I'm suggesting this and how it differs from the basic FAQ: when I first joined here, I had no clue what eHRPD was.  Somewhere on this site in a thread on that topic, Robert has an outstanding post that gives alot of insight on it, and it wasn't until I read that thread, and particularly that post within the thread, that I 'got a clue'.  If there were an index thread I could have referenced that had posts such a this linked under that topic heading, It would have been much easier and more beneficial, in my opinion anyway.


While the initial inspiration and purpose of 'S4GRU' may have been to give information about the progress of NV, it obviously has evolved on the current website to be a harbor for a ton of knowledge and opportunity to share that knowledge with others...but for the average member it's frankly overwhelming to try and take it all in unless you have the time to at the very least do a ton of searching if not reading through entire threads.  Again, I fully understand that it would be a significant task for someone with both the history and at least a fairly firm grasp on the knowledge to compile such things into a thread as I'm suggesting, so I wouldn't be the least put off if the end result is discovering that its just not possible....but I do think its a worthy enough idea to throw out there and see if it sticks all the same.  :tu:

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Luckily with the like system, it could easily help in putting that specific post up to the top of that thread.  Since the posts that typically describe or define a particular topic in a thread get those significant thumbs up, moderation of the index would be easier.


Hope that makes sense.

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My god that would be awesome.  It would take some time, but there are a few here that seem to read over every post so I imagine it could be done.  Ultimately, it would cut down on duplicate threads and potentially people asking the same question over and over again.

I think this is a great suggestion. 

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I don't ask too many questions anymore because I'm pretty sure they've been answered. . I just hope I'll happen upon my answer while sifting through, which usually happens sooner or later (so far). I haven't had much luck finding the answer to the difference in a 4g only and 3g/4g tower...I know it's here tho


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Off topic, and I know you didn't ask but a 4g only tower has not had 1x and EV tested and accepted on the new equipment so those two techs are still running on the legacy.  3g/4g has had 1x, EV, and LTE tested and accepted on the new equipment.


Back on topic.  I think that this proposed thread would be a great idea but also agree that It would take a significant amount of work.

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    • They are using DSS on B5 here, on one carrier. LTE-only on the other AFAIK. I kinda hope AT&T doesn't turn DSS on in markets where dropping H+ bumps them from 5x5 for everything else to 10x10. They have 10x10 of B14 and 5x5-10x10 of B12 to throw users on, and with the delays to their C-Band deployment due to waiting for gear their network is effectively LTE-only in many areas despite an increasing proportion of 5G phones. The network was doing just fine without the extra B5 bandwidth, so not a whole lot of reason to basically go backwards when they said they're dropping 3G to expand 5G.
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