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  1. Several around Orlando. If you want I can pull up my logs for you tomorrow.
  2. B41 is rolled out almost everyone down here. Never had any problem whatsoever connecting to any clear sites. Not that it should be any surprise but my device actually strongly preferred B41 over B26 or B25 on the .15 radio. There's a post somewhere in the Orlando thread I posted where I connected to nothing but B41 sites from UCF all the way through downtown Orlando. Would still be on it if it connected to my local 8t8r site.
  3. I completely agree with you guys, I've always had much better performance on .15 regardless of whether the readings are inflated or not. Numbers on the screen are always second to actual performance. However one thing I did notice recently, and it may have just been complete coincidence, was that my N5 would not connect to 8t8r sites on the .15 radio. Although Clearwire B41 works flawlessly. Just something to keep in mind.
  4. Had an 8 hour session with 45 minutes of SOT yesterday... Makes me really miss the Evo LTE battery life.
  5. SpenceSouth

    LG G3

    Nah unfortunately I missed the deal. Going to keep an eye out for another one though. Live my Nexus but the SOT of < two hours has been killing me
  6. SpenceSouth

    LG G3

    That's what I was hoping to hear lol. Was on the fence about parting with my money and just needed someone to push me over the edge lol. Thanks!
  7. SpenceSouth

    LG G3

    Think it would be a good buy around $250 for one that should be in great condition (haven't seen it myself)?
  8. SpenceSouth

    LG G3

    Was thinking about picking up a G3 and was curious if it has any issues reporting GCI or PCI? Also what do you guys think of the battery life?
  9. Sometimes I don't even get that.... I love my N5 but am certainly looking forward to a new phone with better battery life.
  10. I would estimate that the percentage of people who would want to lock their phone to a particular band (assuming it is sufficiently technical) would still be significantly less than the number of people on B25-only devices at the moment. So at least in the short term it probably would not contribute to B26 becoming overburdened in the slightest. Besides that the vast majority of people don't even know what an LTE band, even less know which band they may or may not want to lock onto. This forum doesn't make for a very good representation of the general population after all lol. I would only want to lock onto B26 in very poor signal strength areas where you would expect the phone to do that anyways (instead of eating battery even more by jumping around).
  11. I got like 90 seconds of air time. Spilt my water all across my table when it popped up... Just checked and downloads look completely normal for the last four days but your right someone will see it and download the app, especially if she keeps using it. Maybe I will be able to afford my tuition without loans soon if I am lucky lol. God knows I'd like to stop eating ramen lol.
  12. You can't tell me something like this and not drop me a link lol. I'd spend all day going through her videos instead of finishing my AI project lol.
  13. Yeah I don't think we would have any problems throwing down true black behind the card styling we have going on. I'll see about adding a setting option for that.
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