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Harbinger Capital Files $4 Billion Lawsuit Against Dish Network


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I have zero pity for a company who files bankruptcy.  Lightsquared filed bankruptcy to run away from debt obligations, but believes their debt should be prohibited from changing hands?   Ergen's motives are always a bit insidious, but that is just his nature.   As much as I want to see Ergen eat shat, an entity who doesn't need to file bankruptcy to escape its debt should own this unusable spectrum.   

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Commentary from Ergen from the WSJ: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2013/08/06/charlie-ergens-dish-has-long-list-of-potential-ma-moves/


"Ergen’s personal entity SP Special Opportunities LLC has been buying up debt of the bankrupt wireless telecom company and made a bid to buy it out of bankruptcy. That pits himself in a battle with Phil Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners, which has poured millions into LightSquared. Harbinger on Tuesday sued Ergen over the move.

Ergen said Tuesday the spectrum LightSquared has is drawing his interest and also touting Dish’s ability to manage spectrum that is based on satellites.

“Because we have our history as a satellite company, we understand that part of it a little bit better and we think that fits together pretty well with what we’re doing,” Ergen said, adding. “It’s obviously a long-term play. It’s obviously something [that] has a lot of hoops to jump through in terms of a regulatory point of view and in terms of a technical point of view on the spectrum.”

As for Falcone’s claims that by buying debt via a personal entity Ergen was skirting the rules, Ergen said he would defend his actions and Dish’s.

“All I can tell you is I’ve personally followed all the rules. I think Dish has followed all the rules,” he said."

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Falcone is in more trouble now


"...Philip Falcone, a billionaire who runs the hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners, must admit wrongdoing in addition to paying an $18 million penalty to settle two June 2012 enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Falcone also agreed to be barred from the securities industry for at least five years.

“Falcone and Harbinger engaged in serious misconduct that harmed investors,..."



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    • They are using DSS on B5 here, on one carrier. LTE-only on the other AFAIK. I kinda hope AT&T doesn't turn DSS on in markets where dropping H+ bumps them from 5x5 for everything else to 10x10. They have 10x10 of B14 and 5x5-10x10 of B12 to throw users on, and with the delays to their C-Band deployment due to waiting for gear their network is effectively LTE-only in many areas despite an increasing proportion of 5G phones. The network was doing just fine without the extra B5 bandwidth, so not a whole lot of reason to basically go backwards when they said they're dropping 3G to expand 5G.
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