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  1. What's the name of the program that you're using to show the Band 41 signal strength on your phone? Signal Check Pro doesn't seem to be working my phone unless I'm rooted. I don't want to root my phone and lose the option to receive updates for my phone (a note 4). What's the "12KB/s" indicator next to it mean?
  2. I get those results whenever I'm inside the Sprint store on Hall Blvd in Tigard/Portland (not the Sprint Store inside Washington Square.
  3. I tried using chrome to see if got redirected to a login landing page. I'll have to wait until out of my house and near a xfinitywifi signal to try again with a different browser. I kept getting that error message with the sprint connections optimizer" screen on my phone.
  4. I have comcast for home internet. I started noticing that xfinitywifi is available all over my metro area (Portland). I tried connecting to the xfinitywifi signal and my phone says that I'm connected. However, I've not able to enter my comcast email or password in order to take advantage of the service from my phone. I keep getting the error message: connection refused or reset (something like that). Comcast customer care was no help. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Sprint doesn't need to buy 700 mhz-A. AT&T is the only other major owner of 700 mhz-A, iirc. They're gobbling up as much spectrum they can.
  6. IIRC, Sprint has a contract with Apple to purchase a certain amount of iPhones due to its smaller subscriber numbers and specialized network bands (?) (how'd T-mobile get the iPhone without resorting to a contract?). Perhaps, he's in contract renewal talks -- at least, Sprint can leverage Softbank's user base for extra buying power. Might be wise considering Sprint's subscribers numbers are dropping - just to minimize the amount of defections and keep Sprint out of a tailspin. On the downside, Sprint would have less $$$ for network buildouts.
  7. Here's some reporting about the townhall from Light Reading: http://www.lightreading.com/mobile/4g-lte/claure-tells-sprint-disrupt-on-price-first-be-the-best-network-next-/d/d-id/710357?
  8. End of Q3 is a more realistic start date. It took Sprint about 12 months to build out the LTE 1900 network. For more specific site info, you'll need to become a sponsor.
  9. Q3 (July) is when the Spark equipment is supposed to be installed for the Portland area.
  10. More details from Reuters: DT is willing to remain a minority stake owner. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/29/us-softbank-tmobile-idUSKBN0E917A20140529
  11. in the fierce wireless article, in the last paragraph it said the 2500/2600 spectrum wouldn't be counted in the 600 mhz incentive auction
  12. It's rumored that the 2500/2600 spectrum won't be counted in the 600 mhz incentive auction. But will for everything else later on.
  13. It's official! Colbert is replacing Letterman!! Woohoo!! "CBS has made a five-year deal with Colbert, which was announced Thursday by CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves and CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler." http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/10/stephen-colbert-letterman/
  14. Besides the call volume issue, I'm leaning towards the iphone 6 if it has the rumored 4.7" to 5.5" screen for: Siri eye-free integration with my car stereo, more specialized accessories (fitness monitor, camera lenses, etc) available for it and a much lower malware target than Android. Hopefully, the iphone 6 will have Band 41.
  15. I care about call volume the most. I can barely hear the caller when I'm in a restaurant, mall, sidewalk or other busy places.
  16. I demo'd the M8 at a Sprint store today. I tried placing a call but the earpiece volume seems really quiet for. Too bad HTC didn't put an amplifier in the earpiece. The only phones with decent earpiece volume were the iPhones. Not sure why.
  17. Band 26 deployment hasn't been planned out for NYC. Not sure why.
  18. Hopefully, most of the eCSFB issues will be ironed out by the time I'm upgrade eligible in October. If not, I'll still have my Note 2 as a backup. Q3 is "supposed" to be the start date for Band 26 installation for the Portland metro area. I don't think that there's even a planned date yet for Band 41 for Portland. I'm crossing my fingers.
  19. Beaverton is only half setup with LTE. There's still some 3G spots- Murray and Millikan, Costco Aloha and the Cedar Mill area.
  20. Has Stephen Colbert done any other comedy besides "The Colbert Report"?
  21. I'm favoring Stephen Colbert or someone who does edgy comedy
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