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  1. As of today LTE band isn't showing up in the status bar, instead Android system icon is showing saying SignalCheck Pro is running in the background. Is there a setting that I should enable? On Android 8.0.
  2. Yes, Verizon installed a neutral DAS. The stadium is also supposed to have 2,000 Wi-Fi beacons and 1,300 access points. StarTribune story Vikings new release
  3. That's not a service problem, that is a service feature. It's to prevent to from calling or sending texts that you'll regret later, after having a few to many.
  4. You should check out the Backhaul Vendors by Market thread in the Premier section
  5. This headline calls out Sprint and references that article. Sprint will cut off Internet service used by thousands of low-income Minnesotans 14,000 in the Twin Cities seems like an excessive number.
  6. I don't think I have heard any new information on this? I'm going back to Montana in a couple weeks and would love to be on Sprint.
  7. I was in Bozeman Monday. No Sprint signal just roaming. I'll be in Billings next week and hoping for a different outcome, but staying realistic. Maybe if no signal, I'll find new equipment on sites.
  8. A company’s responsibility is to its shareholders. As a shareholder, my view is that no one needs 4k on their phone.
  9. There is a difference between a concise post and a long post with irrelevant fluff.
  10. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/3060-signalcheck-android-app-to-monitor-your-2g3g4g-lte-signal-strengths/
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