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AT&T, T-Mobile Swapping A Little Spectrum - Phonescoop


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Phonescoop http://www.phonescoo...cle.php?a=11297

FCC http://hraunfoss.fcc...document=316703

FCC http://hraunfoss.fcc...document=316705


The FCC today announced that AT&T and T-Mobile have applied to swap certain PCS (1900 MHz) licenses and one AWS (1700 MHz) license. In 35 markets, the two companies would exchange equal amounts of PCS spectrum. In 12 markets, AT&T would gain 10 MHz of PCS spectrum. In eight markets, T-Mobile would gain 5-10 MHz of PCS spectrum. In addition, T-Mobile would pick up 10 MHz of AWS spectrum covering Spokane, WA. Separately, AT&T plans to buy a handful of Lower 700 MHz licenses covering Florida, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico from Peregrine Spectrum LLC.



Some more spectrum news to chew on! Is AT&T giving up on AWS?!?

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This is a big shift PCS realignment actually.

Preliminary review of the applications indicates that the proposed transaction would result in the

assignment and/or exchange of PCS and AWS-1 spectrum in 55 Cellular Market Areas (“CMAs”) in 17

states. Specifically, AT&T would acquire and/or receive in an exchange 5 to 20 megahertz of PCS

spectrum in 54 CMAs. T-Mobile would acquire and/or receive in an exchange 10 to 20 megahertz of

PCS spectrum in 43 CMAs. Our preliminary review further indicates that in 35 CMAs, AT&T and T-

Mobile would exchange equal amounts of PCS spectrum; in 12 CMAs, AT&T would gain 10 megahertz

of PCS spectrum; and in 8 CMAs, T-Mobile would gain 5 to 10 megahertz of PCS spectrum as a result of

the proposed transaction. Finally, T-Mobile would also acquire 10 megahertz of AWS-1 spectrum in 1

CMA (CMA 109 – Spokane, WA).

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I think 5 people live in Lake county Minnesota, where AT&T is picking up 700 "B" block from Peregrine.


Actually AT&T has really improved their coverage 100% in that state. Peregerine, I don't know if that was ever serious. AT&T is going to pick up enough of Lower 700 to expand to a lot of the rural areas they weren't going to originally cover.

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Actually AT&T has really improved their coverage 100% in that state. Peregerine, I don't know if that was ever serious. AT&T is going to pick up enough of Lower 700 to expand to a lot of the rural areas they weren't going to originally cover.


Not only in that state. Here in Hawaii about 2 months ago I saw these contractors installing equipment and antennas at my my work place in Waikkiki. I went up to the guy and asked? Is that for Sprint?

I was thinking maybe nv was starting in Honolulu.

The guy goes nope AT&T LTE. Guess what? 2 weeks later I read on the net.... AT&T launches 4g lte

In Honolulu. I remember months ago there was speculation that Sprint might be following AT&T's LTE

Roll out?Especially, in the first round markets. I hope this could be a good sign Sprint would be launching LTE sooner than later here in Honolulu ?



Sent from my Coconut Wireless

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    • The Kendall/Kerr/Gillespie PCS swap is a very nice win-win for AT&T and T-Mobile. Means both of them will have a 20x20 PCS channel, though in exchange T-Mobile goes from 10x10 to 5x5 on one of their spectrum blocks. I figure AT&T will start running n2 DSS on that channel, as they have enough customers in those areas to need the capacity, while T-Mobile will probably just run B2 LTE, as once Auction 108 finally clears they'll have plenty of n41 to play with. Guessing we'll see the non-G-block 5x5 slice running n25, but it would get aggregated with n71 rather than n41 I figure as n71 will remain 20x20 there until the STA goes away (and maybe after that, as if T-Mobile gets 700 MHz as the result of VZW buying West Central Wireless's spectrum there's no reason to run LTE in 600). Which makes me think that the next move is T-Mobile trading 700A for the 5x5 of orphaned PCS (E block) to VZW once the WCW transaction closes, as that would give VZW 20x20 PCS in the area, and would give T-Mobile 700 MHz in an area where they have none. Then VZW can either trade 700B to T-Mobile as well in exchange for the AWS I block in those areas (gives T-Mobile 10x10 B12, gives VZW 15x15 B66) or they can cut a deal with AT&T to give AT&T 10x10 B12 (AT&T has the lower C block), but I'm not sure what that deal would be if trading like for like (vs. AT&T handing VZW their upper tiny slice of B5, giving VZW 15x15 to play with in that band post-WCW-acquisition). EDIT: Just looked at AWS spectrum again, and if AT&T would rather have 10x10 B12 than 2x 10x10 AWS, they could swap AWS-D for VZW's 700B block. That would give VZW 20x20 AWS, and would take AT&T down to 10x10 + 5x5...which they'd likely be fine with as they have 20x20 PCS, small cells in the busy areas, and as a result of the transaction three 10x10 chunks of spectrum in the area below 1 GHz. And if VZW traded 700A to T-Mobile for PCS-E VZW would have 20x20 PCS as well. Which is quite useful in an area that's macro-only for VZW and likely not dense enough for proper mobile usage of CBRS or C-Band (and an area where VZW doesn't even run DSS now).
    • Yeah, $250 credit for an S22 is awful. tbf last year they didn't have solid upgrade credits until mid-late April, which is when I paid $225 to swap my S21 for an S22. Happy to wait 'til then for that kind of deal, though I'll be annoyed at battery life in the mean time.
    • Miserable upgrade credits from Samsung this year unless you want to rely on carrier financing. Sticking with S22U for a while. 
    • So far we've documented close to 100 Sprint conversions in NYC with permits still rolling in and that's only what we've identified manually. Tons of sites get converted/updated without permits so there's potentially a lot more that we haven't spotted yet. There are also dozens of sites that are still broadcasting the keep PLMN, some have been decommissioned but historically the vast majority have been converted.
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