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  1. RT @GovJVentura: Each state should put marijuana legalization on the ballot. READ: https://t.co/5rPlnpMNio#StayVigilant https://t.co/CaZC…

  2. RT @lordrahl121281: I'm hoping the #Vikings can get Vonn Bell tomorrow,

  3. Totally agree with the repubs here. Rubio is right. H1B has to work at 1 company. It's not fair to any workers.

  4. Wake up you need to make money!

  5. RT @freedomisgreen: Bernie Sanders Plan to Deschedule Marijuana Earns Support of Former Surgeon General via @MJPolitico https://t.co/qWk4wv…

  6. RT @HankQuotes: Some things are like a tire fire, trying to put it out only makes it worse. You just gotta grab a beer and watch it burn.

  7. RT @charlierybak: Massive shout out to my pops @R_T_Rybak on completing his first major post-heart attack ski race. He is officially BACK &…

  8. . @alfranken legislates like @BernieSanders yet stumps for @HillaryClinton . I might expect this from @amyklobuchar .

  9. RT @neiltyson: “Look at that, you son of a bitch." https://t.co/JyeiOV7lgv

  10. RT @tomangell: .@HillaryClinton on medical marijuana: “There are real benefits for people." #DemTownHall

  11. RT @12LocalNews: Overcrowding in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. Growth fuels need for more space at Champlin Park H.S.@AHSchools https…

  12. "They all take the work for granted but they don't want to work for it" @G_Eazy

  13. RT @NYT4thDownBot: It’s 4th-and-1 for the Broncos from the Patriots’ 46. I would go for it.

  14. RT @DaleJr: Dang bud. Happy birthday!!! ???????????????? The honor was mine. #WhenTwitterMakesYourDay https://t.co/NLKOwQs8uS

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