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Clearwire to Begin Construction of its TDD-LTE Network

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The best piece of "news" included in the article is this:


Interestingly, Cochran said that Clearwire will establish a "light" LTE core network that will feed traffic off its LTE sites into the core networks of Sprint, Leap and presumably any other facilities-based carrier that uses Clearwire's network.



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About time for Clearwire to recognize which side their bread is buttered on. From the same article:


Cochran said that nothing about Clearwire's relationship with Sprint legally forbids Clearwire from striking wholesale partnerships with other carriers. However, she said that Clearwire does need to think of its strong relationship with Sprint when looking at other deals. "I do feel that Clearwire and Sprint are very aligned," she said, adding that Clearwire's LTE buildout benefits both companies.

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Yup. But they will not be ready until early Summer. Going the low and slow method.


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