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  1. Yes, in my example the strike price is basically a floor. Once the share price is above that you could wait until the price hits $20 before you cashed in. Then you buy your shares at the option price of $10 and you would pocket the difference. The expiration date of option is something you'll decide on. You can buy options expiring 1 month from now or a year from now. Maybe more. They'll all have different strike prices. You'll have to decide whether the stock price will be above those values within the expiration dates you're looking at. Now this is all for "call" options. Which means you're wanting to buy shares because the price will rise in the future. There's also "put" options if you want to sell shares because you think the stock will go down in the future.
  2. Looks like it finished at $7.99 per share on Friday. NYSE:S https://g.co/kgs/73yAgV
  3. The "strike price" is the price at which you can execute the option contract and actually buy the shares. Simple example. you buy an option contract to buy 100 shares @ $10 per share. The "strike price" is $10. Once the stock price reaches $10 per share you could exercise the option and purchase the underlying shares. Then keep the shares or turn around and sell them.
  4. Announcement should be tomorrow. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-us-doj-idUSKCN1UL07T?utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_content=5d3a788e595b5a0001c31bb1&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  5. January 1 security patch came down the pipe today.
  6. Looks like the November 1 security patch is incoming. I'm downloading it to my phone now.
  7. Looks like October 1 security patch is incoming. There's mention of some camera improvements coming along for the ride. I would paste the screens hot but it's too big to upload. So I extracted text below. Software update information • Version: N950USQU5CRIA/N950UOYN5CRIA/N950USQU5CRIA • Size: 444.45 MB • Security patch level: September 1, 2018 What's new · A new Camera function has been added(AR Emoji, SUPER SLOW-MOTION) · The security of your device has been improved. Hmm... After further reading it claims security and camera improvements but keeps patch days at September 1.
  8. September 1 security patch incoming. Seems a bit early this month but I'll take it.
  9. Substantial price hikes too. I got a mailer about this a couple months back and the price for my phone was going up a few dollars a month. Have to remember to cancel before the new prices kick in.
  10. Hmm.... not certain what this means. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/11/fcc-says-it-is-pausing-180-day-shot-clock-on-its-review-of-a-merger-between-t-mobile-and-sprint.html
  11. I am too. Basically I'll keep it until TMo forces me onto another plan. But Sprint seems to moving to tighten the screws. I'm sure they'd like to get the stragglers off and onto one of the silly unlimited plans.
  12. Bumping an old thread. So is anyone else left on a Sprint Framily plan? I still have mine and I'm wondering if Sprint is looking to get me to move off of it. Until this month I could still change services on my plan. I.e. I could adjust my data tiers from 1gb/3gb/unlimited. Add/remove hulu, global roaming, etc. Today I was trying to dig around my plan options and it I just got an error message telling me I can't change services and to go visit a retail shop for help. I will have to try again tomorrow and see if I'm still blocked from changing services.
  13. Well, looks like the Note 8 hasn't been forgotten yet. July 1 patch incoming.
  14. The Note 8 does have a 2x optical zoom. No super wide angle though. The Note 9 is adding the adjustable aperture.
  15. It does depend a lot on the rep you speak too. I had many who flat out refused to give it to me. It's also why I like buying my phones from Best Buy. They will give you the MSL as part of your paperwork along with a copy of your sales contract. Of course it hasn't mattered on my Note 8 since the MSL is all zeroes.
  16. May security patch rolling out.... Crud... Beaten to the punch.
  17. Well, the Senate just voted to approve the CRA. Now it has to go to the House, where if it somehow manages to pass it'll go to the President's desk for his signature.
  18. It's bonds that will have set payment schedules and maturity dates. My guess is they're using this debt to pay off current debt that's about to come due. They've done it in the past.
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