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  1. TNX SIMS are not eligible for ESIM are they? If so, major pain in the butt.
  2. The best thing to do with respect to PCS-G is to swap spectrum with the other two so you can get the adjacent C block. That's what they tried to do the last couple of rounds of spectrum swaps.
  3. There is a lot of spectrum swaps that should happen throughout the country to rationalize spectrum on different bands, not just PCS.
  4. Has anybody on TNX have good luck in converting to an e-sim?
  5. 143rd st and 31st Ave. Coverage maps show coverage as fair. I will be taking 3 phones with me each with a sim from the three different providers to test.
  6. I am very content with T-Mobile service around the Melbourne FL area. I will be moving to the Gainesville FL area so my opinion might change.😄
  7. The 3.7-3.8GHz block will be cleared by Dec 2021. The C-Band auction will be over this week or at the most next. The winners of that block will probably start deploying hardware and testing long before then. I foresee that Verizon and to a lesser extent AT&T will be the big winners of that block.
  8. Guys in the Gainesville area, I am moving to NW Gainesville near 143st and 31st Ave in the next month. I have looked at the coverage maps for the area and it seems that AT&T has the better coverage. Does that agree with your own impression. I will be taking couple of phones with me next time I am there but wanted to check with you first.
  9. I think you are forgetting about the CBRS and C-band. Maybe they will have a 2 year head start.
  10. Viaero was pretty decent in SE Colorado last time I went through that area.
  11. Sometimes, roaming on USCC is the best strategy when there is just low population count in an area.
  12. In urban settings where you need a lot of sites due to capacity considerations, the more equipment you can virtualize the less rent you pay so you save on rent payments.
  13. If they virtualize both the ended and RRU there will only be antenna panels+amplifiers on sites. Now you will need fiber or the equivalent to the sites which should not be a problem for urban areas. Not all virtualization scheme virtualize the RRU as well but present a standardized interface to the RRU from the enodeB so you can mix and match RRUs from different vendors. Now in rural areas fiber is not readily available so the virtualization scheme has to be more conservative.
  14. I wonder why I am getting relatively high ping times (>100ms). I noticed that I only have these high ping times at home and they are usually accompanied with packet loss. DAS instead of regular macro. Am I signing on to somebody's T-Mobile's equivalent of a Magic Box in my high rise building.
  15. Does the TNX hack use a proxy instead of going directly to the network. My ping times are upwards of 100ms.
  16. I actually saw B25 on my phone now on TNX. I guess they are have not moved the spectrum over yet.
  17. Overall I am really impressed with the coverage that I get with T-Mobile particularly in the cement bunker that is my high-rise condo. It was the same coverage that I got with Sprint until 4-5 years ago when Sprint decided to thin out their macro sites and replace them with mini macros, hence my Magic Box. I have disconnected the Magic Box. I now get great signal by my bedside which is for some reason a dead zone for Verizon and AT&T. I have been parked mostly on B4, occasionally on B2. Have not encountered B66 yet. Now I would like to eventually have my T-Mobile line part of an e-sim.
  18. OK I was moved to TNX on the iPhone 6s. Did a few speedtests. Most of them averaged around 10 down/5 up but then there was that 77 down/24 up that I got close to a site. The latency is pretty bad almost all above 100ms
  19. OK I was moved to TNX on the iPhone 6s. Did a few speedtests. Most of them averaged around 10 down/5 up but then there was that 77 down/24 up that I got close to a site. The latency is pretty bad almost all above 100ms. The process itself was fast and painless.
  20. My iPhone 6s prompted me for a Carrier Settings update. It is now at 44.1. Has anybody had the same update prompt? What changed in 44.1? Or was it a PRL update? My PRL is now 55576. I have not seen any outward changes.
  21. T-Mobile have initiated the third party appraisal of Shentel assets: Regional US operator Shentel and T-Mobile US have agreed to initiate a new appraisal process as they seek to establish an agreeable valuation ahead of T-Mobile’s planned takeover of the wireless unit. On 3 November the parties ‘aligned in principle to resolve such disputed items’. For the purpose of the exercise, the appraisers will assume the T-Mobile/Sprint merger did not occur, and that Shentel remains an affiliate of Sprint. The appraisers expect to complete their valuation on or about 20 January 2021 and the transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021, subject to receipt of customary regulatory approvals. https://www.commsupdate.com/articles/2020/11/09/shentel-t-mobile-deal-going-ahead-sale-should-conclude-in-2q21/?
  22. Yeah and T-Mobile has been running these promotions quite often.
  23. That's a brilliant move by AT&T, buy high, sell low, use the losses to lower your tax bills for years to come 🤣.
  24. Let them fix their network first. Then they can worry about T-Vision.
  25. TM is much better in this area. They were neck and neck (with TM slightly ahead) 5 years ago until Sprint started replacing macro sites with mini macros. What a disaster!
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