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Definitive boundaries of affiliate/SRA areas?

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Does anyone have a good source to determine the boundaries between the various affiliate and strategic partner/Rural Alliance markets?


The reason I ask... for most of the time I've been in Blacksburg I thought I was in Shentel land, but after reading in-depth on the Shentel and nTelos sites it looks like I'm actually in nTelos land; they don't break out the Blacksburg-Christiansburg market, but every single market around the area is nTelos and nTelos does have a local retail presence. Obviously since Shentel has committed to NV and nTelos hasn't as far as I know (in fact speculation has it that nTelos will deploy LTE on its AWS spectrum, not 1900 & ESMR, although nTelos isn't saying anything much about LTE at the moment) this makes a big difference.

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Good question. I live right on a SRA boundary for a SRA that is currently building out (Mobilenation). My hometown is a zip code that is eligible for Sprint service but does not have native service all the way through. I'd like to have this as well.

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Ive never seen one. If someone else knows of one, I too would love to have it.


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The SRA area I frequently travel to in SW Kentucky has very wide areas of roaming before it picks up to SRA. Look at zip code 42066 on Sprints coverage map and you can see distinct lines to the east and northeast.

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    • I see it as more of an economic calculation.  Basically go after the areas where they have the best odds of retaining or attracting customers versus their MVNO arrangements. The quicker they can switch back and forth between 5g and MVNOs the finer grained this decision zone can be.  Field results will beat theory.  In Sprint days this was up to 15 minutes in theory. In practice AT&T could be quite sticky.  I remember driving by 3 Sprint sites while still stuck on AT&T roaming. Dish will need to do better to thrive. Both their MVNO arrangements reportedly now cost them about $1.50 per GB. With volume that may fall to $1.
    • Man I wish I could get on their beta right now.  Looks like I'll have to wait until Dec or so.  The report is not surprising really.  Largely only have employees roaming around running tests and what not.  I am sure lots of testing is needed to iron out bugs, fix things.  Though a lot of it might be denser network.  Only so much you can do and money is spread out very thin when you have such a large target to hit. 
    • Found some AT&T c band live in Cincinnati today. Not too bad considering I was driving past on the interstate at speed.  
    • Hey Mike, a couple other things you might be able to post for S22Ultra owners, In particular, these deal with the *#0011# menu. The following are true for even the June update:   1. Does not show the second n41 carrier (when it is connected) on LTE+NSA. It shows "NR_NumCC:2" but no additional Carrier. It simply states "CA-Not Config 0 0"This works fine on the S21.  2. There is a line that states "Code Review Required" 3. There is a line that states "Unknown 0"    
    • The see Dish as the Beta network for a while. Basically once they have secured their licenses and have inexpensive phones that utilize all their bands I hope to see them reduce the edge space of their network or improve the transfer performance so customers have more of an invisible handoff experience. This will likely be late 2023. 
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