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  1. Thanks for the article. The best write-up I've seen on the 6P!
  2. The international version (H815) will only work on GSM networks. Sprint is CDMA.
  3. It appears the international G4 H815 really tops all the carrier branded G4's. I'm getting 6 plus hours screen on time and 2 days between recharges. This thing is a beast. I like my screen on torch mode as well. I use YAAB auto brightness app and have the minimum brightness set to 60%
  4. I feel for you. Those backs ARE very expensive. I got a spare brown leather back for my G4 on ebay from Korea. It cost me over $70 when they first came out. I'm sure if you contacted LG about this phenomenon, they'd flatly deny all charges. "You're the only person experiencing this, we never heard this before etc, etc, ... " Very frustrating when you pay good money for your device.
  5. Since I have a G3 and G4 on AT&T, I can also say that my international H815 leather backed G4 gets much better LTE reception than my G3 (the blue version from Best Buy) My Sprint G3 works very well.
  6. There's something just not quite right about some LG phones. My Sprint LG G3 works well. My AT&T LG G3 is awful. I can attenuate The signal by as much as 6 dBm just by putting a clear silicone case on it. At first I thought that possibly the case had some sort of metal in it that was acting like a Faraday cage. I tried multiple brands of cases and they all attenuate the signal. Never did figure that out. I have the international LG G4 H815 with a brown leather back which I am using on AT&T. I do not see any signal attenuation with the leather back in place. I also tried some sili
  7. I want to try and find a clear protective case. The phone is so awesome looking. It would be a shame to cover it up. I am normally not a person who likes gold. I prefer silver and pewter, but when I saw the white and gold version of the 6+ it was a must have... The gold is not gaudy or obnoxious at all.
  8. Thanks Steve & Dean for your input. My Note 4 is of adequate volume near the fume hoods, but not outstanding. The LG G2 & LG G3 are really good in noisy environments. They crank through the earpiece! Some owners of the 6 Plus said they had to activate the hearing aid function in order to be gain adequate volume. Just for laughs, I tried that on the Note 4. It really does a nice job of permanently adding extra volume. On the G2 and G3, the hearing aid function narrows down the frequency response making the earpiece sound extremely tinny. Of course those two devices are rea
  9. I am thinking of purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Gold. I have read many complaints from users who claim that the earpiece volume is not loud enough when turned up the entire way. These individuals say that they realize they have to remove the plastic and have indeed done so. Please forgive me if there was a previous post on this thread about an issue with low earpoece volume. I searched first, but only found a comment about not removing the plastic covering over the earpiece. From what I have read, this issue appears to be specific to the 6 Plus and not the 6. Does any owne
  10. I resurected my Mega 6.3 just this week and use it at home on WiFi as "twospitits" does. I cannot say that my screan is washed out. I was comparing photos on the Mega 6.3 screen to my Galaxy Note 4. I was really impressed with the screen quality. I couldn't believe how vivid and vibrant the colors were along with the overall brightness and saturation. I liked the way the 720p Mega 6.3 screen held up against the Note 4 quad HD screen. No complaints. I really wish Samsung would make a new Mega 6.3 with an amoled panel and modern Snapdragon processor. It would be killer.
  11. You know your getting older when u can sing this song word for word. I have it on vinyl!
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