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  1. I think carrying over the iPhone for Life program to other brands would be great. There are Samsung die-hards out there also (me included). I would love to be able to easily upgrade to the newest Note or S model every year.
  2. For the dark side Hemlock Grove. The topic may seem worn out, but the story line and plot are well written.
  3. Samsung announcing that Exynos now will have an LTE 12/13 modem built into their SoC. Maybe they will stay in house.
  4. Well depending on the part of FL it may be a great chance to try the new Direct2You program and a Sprint employee would come out and setup the phones at the house.
  5. Looking at Pittsburgh it would be highly advantageous to see the increased speed of a Note 5 on Sprint's network with the Spark availability.
  6. Interesting article and interview with the CEO. http://recode.net/2015/05/27/sprint-ceo-marcelo-claure-promises-our-network-will-be-no-1/
  7. Yeah our city has a similar Wifi project that is/has been completed for about 10 years. I have heard people mention that it is costly to maintain and may be looking to switch to a cellular based solution soon. I would think if 4G speed and low were the priority in town then Sprint would be the leader. On the other hand the powers that be tend to think their coverage on their farm in BFE outside the city is more important. Thus AT&T or Bluegrass Cellular would get it.
  8. Verizon buying AOL for $4.4B. http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/12/verizon-aol-4-4b/
  9. That absolutely should not have happened. I've done numerous TOL for customers over the years and it's not required.
  10. I've worked at a third party retailer and we would order an advance exchange if the problem were there. Though there are more times than not that the store is close or over what their budget of exchanges is in a month and may be getting pressured to keep it under.
  11. From plugging it in a couple times now I do not like the feel of the micro USB. It has to be plugged in at just the right angle for me. Had already been looking into a wireless charging pad and will get one now for sure. I hate to drop $60 on the Samsung version. Anyone have any luck with aftermarket varieties?
  12. I received mine today! So quick of a phone. Initial turn on to auto-programming screen was sub 10 seconds. Haven't been able to test RF, but speed tests running on all cylinders was 20 Mb+ down! Now all told with updating apps, firmware update, transferring data from Note 3 to S6, initial setup was about an hour. But there was alot of data that transferred through Samsung Smart Switch.
  13. Thought about the Edge but feel like I would get annoyed by it so I went with the black 32GB regular.
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