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    • Visited a Sprint-converted-to-Tmobile store last  week because my GNote 20 5G suddenly had a small cluster of stuck pixels that wouldn't go away (tried 3 apps that ran "tests" and made it flicker like crazy)..so they replaced my screen - and battery.  Something didn't get plugged back in, or came loose...now I can literally watch the SCP app bounce from B25, B26, B41 back to B25...all within 5-6 seconds. Try to make a call with 5 bars and it suddenly drops to zero bars and the call doesn't complete. Headed back to store tomorrow to see if they can fix it... But beware the "techs"...doesn't sound like they check everything like they should. I was 3 miles away last week after they replaced my screen when i realized they kept my damn stylus and I had to turn around and go back!!
    • Just got apprised by my biz rep friend that I'm now TNX eligible. I'll switch over if I'm allowed to go back. NR CA via SA would be cool.
    • Drove out to Mt. Arlington, NJ and Kenvil, NJ and was surprised by how good T-Mobile's coverage was both on the drive there and while out and about. I was on 5G what seemed like 98% of the the drive out there. I only noticed one time when it dropped down to LTE for less than a mile before picking up 5G and staying on it for the rest of the drive.  I was even more impressed by performance within both towns as speeds and coverage were similar to, if not better than Verizon in most areas I went. This includes indoors. While at a restaurant, Verizon dropped down to 1 bar of LTE and occasionally lost signal completely while my T-Mobile line bounced between 1-2 bars of LTE without ever dropping completely in the same location. Looking at Cellmapper, almost every site in the area has every Band 2/12/66/71 and n71 so T-Mobile has tons of capacity for this area.
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