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  1. So I've been noticing in signal check that I've been connecting to T-Mobile band 41 signal and I finally was actually able to latch onto it proper. I was around Penn station on 34th and they definitely have a tower live that's transmitting LTE over band 41.
  2. So I've noticed in my roundabout travels that the 5 megahertz frequency on band 71 had been increased in certain areas to around the 10 . It just increased in my area as well. Is this due to that spectrum lease agreement I read about in the news from capital?
  3. It's jumping back to Sprint proper in moments in signal check then switching back to tmoible this just just started this last day. I have noted n41 is active on some sites in the area I can see the panels on towers that have been updated.
  4. On my s20 ultra I'm switching onto band 41 in my neighborhood. No CA though
  5. I've seen the antennas, and noticed network degradation when I pass through the area on my walks. I'll be on the lookout for the antennas more often though because I definitely seen some but just wasn't sure if they were live yet.
  6. It was CA with LTE anchor band. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/3HeBg2rlsOwN
  7. So randomly decided to check my engineering screen and I saw that I was connected to n41 tower on 215 and Inwood Manhattan 20 megahertz worth of bandwidth
  8. If I just use the Google keyboard instead of the Samsung keyboard with the Google Voice to text. It's better as it seems to be doing server and on device translation. While the Google voice-to-text solo application seems to only be trying to do server-side which is slowing down the speech recognition.
  9. I don't know how much everyone else voice types but this latest update has really destroyed voice recognition for me. It is defaulting to the Samsung voice recognition and if I do switch it over to googles it is unbearably slow now when it was super fast before.
  10. Using the Samsung been selected application. You go into the more network settings. Tap on the Sprint active Sim in the next menu. Tap the Advance menu. In the Wi-Fi calling preferences you tap and change it from over mobile network to Wi-Fi calling priority.
  11. If you have a Samsung S 20. You're pretty much using T-Mobile network as home native. 2019 5G devices they still have access to Sprint's 5G if it was still active in your respective market. Till they are shunted over as well. But that is market dependent.
  12. This update has some modem improvements from what I can tell. Latches onto signal faster than before. When switching between data wifi/lte/5g there is less hang between when a data sessions seems to be established.
  13. I'm not really feeling this. When Sprint actually launched 5G, the network it was like a few blocks of a substantial geographic city block and connected neighborhoods. When T-Mobile launches it's literally a "block"!. This is just to puff there chest a bit. Also the discrepancy with regard to where they have a 20 megahertz wideband and a 15 wide band because that's the same where I am. I lost 5 megahertz over the weekend believe I noticed. Tmobile is burdened here. Its fine on the street for n71 10 mhz as it stands, but every other LTE only device its kind of trash.
  14. How is Milan getting those stupid high speeds then? That looks about proper from what was capable from before. I've noticed that my other line which is an iPhone is connected to tmobile as well. So I expect movement to be swift if they are already moving devices over already.
  15. I'm assuming you're going to do this anyway. But could you for switch between Sprint native and T-Mobile native when you're down there to see what they may have taken offline to increase Spectrum to 60.
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