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  1. Makes sense. All that code to check IMEI to prevent you from upgrading to same phone is now coming to bite us. Sounds like best to make the eSIM jump when getting the Pixel 4. Hopefully eSIM supported from day 1.
  2. In random news, this morning, my Pixel 3 XL froze. When it rebooted, it said "No SIM". Rebooted and reinserted SIM, but no go. Tried a co-worker's SIM and it was recognized immediately, so chatted with Sprint about activating eSIM since was getting errors in the Pixel UI. Chat referred me to call, and operator tried a few times, but got errors on their end, so told me to go to a store. No line, but learned Sprint only does eSIM on Pixel phones purchased from Sprint. They won't activate eSIM Pixel phones purchased from Google, so 5 mins later I was out the door with a replacement physical SIM. Hasn't anyone successfully activated their Pixel 3 on eSIM with a phone purchased from Google?
  3. Thanks. Can you share what kind of updates were pushed to MB Gold boxes over the past quarters? How do you get this info?
  4. Have there been any comments about VoLTE or WiFi/Ethernet backhaul? I feel like it's the missing piece for networking at my condo.
  5. Any rumors on the MB firmware upgrade to enable LTE backhaul? Anything on VoLTE?
  6. After you "disable" it, what's next? Do you re-enable it or leave it disabled?
  7. After playing around some more, I'm convinced that Wi-Fi Calling isn't provisioned correctly on my phone. It doesn't work in Airplane Mode, it doesn't work on any WiFi network regardless of the strength. SCP does show WiFi calling enabled, but even then calls go over 1x. What's more annoying is that I can't disable Wi-Fi calling service on my account without customer support for whatever reason.
  8. I'm not able to make calls when connected to WiFi only (Airplane mode on). Whether I have Mobile Preferred or Wi-Fi Preferred doesn't matter. Can you actually make a calls while on Airplane Mode On with your Pixel 3??
  9. Are there any other ways to troubleshoot Wi-Fi calling other than contact Sprint Support where they'll likely just blame Google? Seems like I'm not able to remove Wi-Fi calling from my account either with contact support.
  10. Even with WiFi preferred, even when signal check pro showing WiFi calling, even when LTE/1x signal at -115db and WiFi of 70db, my Pixel 3 XL won't pick WI-FI for calls. It used to work about 4 months ago, but no more. It stopped working around the time when the phone started holding onto 3G instead of going to LTE.
  11. Sometime in the last month or so, I noticed that while I do get the Wi-Fi Calling icon showing in SignalCheck Pro, all my calls still go over the mobile 1x network instead of over Wi-Fi. This is on my Pixel 3 XL with latest updates. Anyone else notice that?
  12. It's branded as "Webpass from Google Fiber", so either term works. What does Airrave 4 do that MagicBox Gold doesn't? It frankly took way too much calling to get this. My journey to MB gold was a long one. I had a MB before. To get a "Gold", I had to return the original. I did that, and then had to call to ordered the Gold. I called, but got sent the same non-gold again. I returned that, and then was when return went through, was told Gold is out of stock and they can't order it until it's back in stock. Called a month later, but still out of stock. Called a month later, but nothing arrived, order never placed or was lost. Called again, but again, nothing arrived, order was lost or never placed. Called the 3rd time, and this time the order arrived. Getting an Arrive 4 might take long enough that I might as well just wait for the firmware upgrade that will enable/fix Wi-Fi.
  13. I don't have a place where I get good reception and have ethernet, otherwise I'd do that. However, I can try that as an experiment to see if it works. In the current location with LTE backhaul, my magic box gives about .1 Mbit uplink which sometimes is 0 and times out. The antenna feels worse than on my PIxel 3, so I'm really looking forward to using Wi-Fi which runs off of Google Fiber.
  14. Ok. I'm able to select it, but sometimes it won't connect. But even when it does, I get no service. Which is not much different than without it. A highrise went up better my condo and the tower, so already bad service is barely working now.
  15. I just got my MB Gold! Curious what the latest firmware that it should be running? I'm asking since I keep getting errors connecting the backhaul to my Google WiFi router.
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