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  1. Speaking of which. I used to be able to use data for SMS, but that ability has been removed recently. Anyone else observe that?
  2. Good tip. I'll try it out. BTW, yesterday after getting off Caltrain, my phone was back in 3G. Since streaming seemed to work, I left it as is. About 10 mins later, I noticed my phone roaming on TMobile LTE (B2 or B4, don't recall). Then a little bit later, my phone went back to 3G. I don't know if there's some upgrade happening in SF or if it's on the phone side.
  3. Days of rooting have long gone with remaining reasons to do so limited to what you mentioned above. No longer worth the effort.
  4. After the update, my P3 still loves 3G... ugh. Wouldn't be bad if you could reset the radio via the DATA button, but you need a full Airplane Mode cycle to get that back - and you lose music, bluetooth and tethering connections in the process.
  5. I've seen that too. I once left it on 3g to see how long it would take, and it stayed that way for the whole 45 minute train ride + 10 minute Lyft ride. By then I was on work WiFi and WiFi calling kicked in, so it doesn't see any LTE along the way.
  6. Any rumors on when VoLTE will be coming to Pixel 3?
  7. I think it's 3xCA, but in Northern Cali, we're stuck with 3xCA.
  8. Message went through and got so did a response to one number I tested that was on Google Fi. Google Fi doesn't have the "Use data" option in the SMS app, BTW. Any other test requests?
  9. I think we're talking about slightly two different things. My point is that as a user, I can get all my text, group texts and photo messages over WiFi on Pixel 3 - something that supposedly is not possible on Pixel 2 for reasons as yet unknown.
  10. I guess I haven't run into a case where SMS/MMS doesn't work over WiFi. Are you saying that if I try to send SMS over WiFi while recipients phone is powered off, my phone will try to switch to 1xRTT and send message over cellular?
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think RCS sends all messages via RCS pipe to Sprint where they continue either as SMS or RCS depending on the recipient. If you read the description of the setting carefully, it says it'll "use data when available" - and not "use data when recipient has compatible service". Anyway, I'm happy with this config since now I get all my texts (SMS+MMS) over WiFi and also on my computer.
  12. Yes. SMS and MMS both work over WiFi with Pixel 3. -Martin
  13. Yes, that's the only option available under "Carrier Settings". Does that perform a PRL update reducing the need for "Update PRL"?
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