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  1. I should clarify that I did Factory Reset to the magic box, not my Pixel 4 XL.
  2. Well, I did Factory Reset on Saturday, but still don't get reception on the street anymore and data usage is low. Definitely seems like power setting was altered on the MB Gold. Still waiting for VoLTE.
  3. Dumb question. Does VoLTE kick in for all calls, or only for calls where the other end is also on a cellular connection and their device supports VoLTE?
  4. Sounds like factory reset is the way to go. I'm assuming I won't need to contact Sprint to re-enable anything after the factory reset.
  5. Well, my MB suddenly dropped from the WiFi. I didn't get VoLTE, so who knows whether it's an upgrade or a bug. When I connected it again, I'm no longer able to get reception outside on the sidewalk. Not sure if they turned off directionality, strength or something combination of that and other settings. Data usage dropped from 3 GB / day to under 2 GB / month!!
  6. I got this email from Sprint: You’re just a few steps away from a better network experience with Sprint and T-Mobile. Improve your coverage now by reconnecting your Sprint Magic Box to your home internet. My MB Gold is currently on Wi-Fi working just fine, so wondering if this a general spam sent to all owners, or does this process to re-select Wi-Fi force it update its config in some way.
  7. I did double check, but it was doing about 2GB a day at 2.4 GHz and about 3GB a day on 5GHz. Now it's maybe couple hundred MB a day. Perhaps it's a slow rollout. To be honest, I haven't tried VoLTE on MB yet. Sounds like it's time to give it a whirl... BTW. This is all in San Francisco.
  8. VoLTE requires better bandwidth control, so capping speeds night indicate VoLTE is coming.
  9. Anyone noticed that MB Gold speeds have been drastically capped even with Wi-Fi Backhaul? I'm not getting more than 7Mbit anymore where I used to see 30Mbit +.
  10. Ah, When you said "skipped house payment", I assumed mortgage. Thanks for clarifying. I have no doubt that people would give up internet before cell phone or electricity, but with internet become close to a "utility" in all but regulations, I think many will choose a cheaper housing situation before cancelling overpriced Comcast - if they have that option. There's always hope next administration will drop that $100 billion to bring fiber everywhere.
  11. BTW. That's a really sad - but true - but still sad - statement. i got a speedtest of 43Mbit/7.5Mbit from the Magic Box across the street, which is pretty impressive given it's coming from 7th floor and used in the city block covering a few hundred feet in each direction. Wonder how many users the MB can simultaneously serve. It's drawing about 3GB / day, so feels like a decent amount.
  12. It's only 8% that missed last payment, unless we have June data already: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/22/success/mortgage-payment-delinquencies-in-may-coronavirus/index.html
  13. Why? How is B41 more reliable than home Wi-Fi? Or is that a "matter of principle"?
  14. I think a friend got one and returned it since it wouldn't cover his 4000 sq ft house. As clunky as MB Gold is, it does a solid job. Especially now that Wi-Fi backhaul works and 5 GHz support works for me.
  15. What's the Pebble and how do its features compare to Magic Box Gold?
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