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  1. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Turn off LTE and WiFi and try it... won't hurt.
  2. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Went to Carrier Settings for "Update PRL" and "Updated device config", and LTE is back on. Gotta wonder why that's needed.
  3. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I came from Oeo. I wasn't in Beta, but wanted to see if August Security update was out. I saw this instead and installed it.
  4. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Upgraded my Pixel 2 XL to Pie, and now phone won't connect to LTE. I'm stuck on EHDRPD. Heads up or let me know if you run into the same problem. I've only tried toggling airplane mode and settings without success. Will keep updated when I figure it out.
  5. crazy_vag

    [PSA] Generation "3" Magic Box has arrived!

    I finally got one, and it's gen3 with a screen. I turned it on, but it got stuck around 80% during bootup. I pressed "Power Off" from the onscreen menu to restart it, but without a power button, I can't turn it on. LOL!
  6. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I've moved from Pixel XL to Pixel 2 XL. I think the reception is worse than in Pixel 1 XL. I've got very low reception in my condo, so my phone is usually parked on Band 26. In rooms where I used to get calls, I see Pixel 2 XL with RSRP of -114 - 116. In blunt terms, my phone doesn't always ring anymore. In the meantime, still waiting for that magic box that we qualified for back in June.
  7. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Yikes, my phone is arriving tomorrow. How sure are we that my Pixel 1 sim from Sprint won't work in Pixel 2? Any hope of picking up the sim at your local friendly sprint store?
  8. crazy_vag

    Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    I've been checking Ampere over the last year, and when the phone was new, the battery rarely went over 30C. These days, you pick it up to check email, and the battery temperature shoots up to 40+C. Battery life is taking a hit these days. My Nexus 6P did that after only 6 months, but it's clear that batteries in the Google Phones aren't designed to last more than 6-12 months.
  9. crazy_vag

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I'm not quite ready for losing the headphone jack, so might stick with my Pixel XL 128GB for one more year. While I see usb-c someday being a solution along with bluetooth, but when you're traveling and trying to watch a movie on your seatback screen, you better have headphones that work with the headphone jack. Getting lightning or USB-C or BT headphones doesn't solve that problem. argh. Buying more dongles or new headphones doesn't resound well with my mantra of traveling light. Now, if Sprint + TM merger happens AND Pixel 2 supports B71.... that might be a different story.
  10. crazy_vag

    HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    You're right. I'm actually never near any of the 3x sites. Good thing that they are showing up quickly!
  11. crazy_vag

    HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Should we give up hope on 3x CA on the Pixel XL?
  12. crazy_vag

    Untitled Album

  13. crazy_vag

    What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    Great article. Any idea how Voice is handled? Does the Magic Box provide 1x Voice via 800, 1900 or does voice have to fall back to the tower?
  14. crazy_vag

    HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Well, if you look at your recent updates, you'll see that "carrier services" app was updated. Who knows what changed.
  15. crazy_vag

    HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Yea, I was going through feedly and reading news. Then again, my phone could've been doing something else, so really need to pay attention to those data saver modes. Kinda sad they don't just throttle you or allow messaging traffic to go through. Cuz if you're on iphone, you need data for imessage. On Android, at least we get "downgraded" to SMS which is unlimited while roaming.