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  1. You're tolerant of diverse opinions? Only when it meets your needs. And your disrespect towards multiple people in this thread is amusing especially when you demand respect for yourself. Just because you're the forum admin lets you be a dick? Glad we get to see your true character when put under the spotlight. 1. If (as you suggest) 1.5Mbps is a good enough connection for cell-phone users to Wifi, then why would anyone want to off-load when they can get 6-8Mbps on Sprint Lte? If me using Sprint data (say 6 Mbps) on Sprint brings everyone else down to 6Mbps then it doesn't hurt any sprint users because 1.5Mbps should be plenty fine -- they should be blessed with 6Mbps. 2. If I use 10 GB of data between 3am-7am when the networks are never burdened my judgement of when the networks are burdened is poor? There you go again calling someone stupid when you're the one making wrong assumptions. Bottom line is - why offload when it has no noticeable impact on the Sprint user if I'm paying to use the service? We're all suppose to off-load to meet your self-centered view? "you have a poor argument" really burst your bubble -- especially when I gave reasoning to have a healthy discussion. Glad we are all getting to see your true character.
  2. You have a poor argument. A person who uses 2 GB of data a month can cause more burden on the Network compared to one who uses 10-20 GB data a month. If 1.5Mbps Wifi meets my needs and Sprint is giving me 8+ Mbps I'll definitely take the 8 Mbps. Their towers can obviously handle the data just fine. If the towers are not burdened then there is no need to offload data to Wifi.
  3. Terrible example. That's almost like saying you use 15Mbps connection when the maximum possible is 3Mbps. An all-you-can-eat buffet a person will go up and take 5 crab legs because he can (and plans to eat all of them). Then he will eat them and if he is hungry he will go back for more. This gives ample time for the restaurant to place more food out if necessary. What myself as a Sprint customer is experiencing is I pay for the all-you-can-eat buffet and I notice an item is out or only 1 left when I can easily eat 3 and want to eat 3. I take the one and let them know they're out of this item so they can refill the buffet. I eat my 1 and maybe eat something else and wait and wait...restaurant still hasn't replaced the empty food items . Okay whatever so I eat something else, get full, and leave. I come back a week later and experience the exact same issue. I go back a month later and experience the same issue <---HUGE PROBLEM. I won't be going back to that place for food. Sprint knows they need more spectrum/capacity/whatever eventually. They must plan ahead. Sprint "tried" to plan ahead (with wimax) and failed miserably. Instead of working gradually to upgrade their network they waited 4 years and now is trying to do it all at once. Instead of upgrading areas that started to experience sluggish connections they waited and said hell with them until everyone was experiencing it. Backhaul is the biggest issue and maybe I'm wrong but that seems like something they could have been gradually upgrading over the past 4 years. Shouldn't have mattered if Sprint stuck with 3g, went to Wimax, or implemented 4g LtE.
  4. Is it our fault Sprint is continuously advertising unlimited data to attract customers to an already overburdened network? If Sprint customers off-loaded their data to Wifi then they might as well just go with verizon and have a 2 or 4GB plan because most user won't use that much data when mostly connected to Wifi -- and others naturally don't use that much. We're not being irrational by not using Wifi. We're simply using what we pay for. If Sprint doesn't feel the same then they'll raise prices and customers will let their wallet do the talking.
  5. That is very depressing to hear. For the last 2+ years Verizon has had a consistent 1.5-2.8M connection on 3G in my area. I only live in a town of 3,600 and Verizon has 4g LtE here for over a month now. I'm surrounded by towns of 90-14,000 population and the nearest city with over 40k population is a good 45 minutes away. Now back to the main topic: I pay for unlimited so I will use the data when I feel like it. For a couple months I'd purposely stream youtube videos in HD on an already congested network because I got sick of "hmm I haven't used my phone all day. Now when I want to use it I'm at 1,000ms ping and 0.1Mbps download." I'm sorry, but if Sprint offers service like that I'll purposely burden it when I have no intention of watching the video I'm streaming. If they're going continue advertising unlimited data to attract more customers to an already burdened network that is their fault, not ours. I have no responsibility in fixing Sprint's shortcomings.
  6. So I noticed when Verizon brought 4g LtE to our area we had at most 1-day of network downtime and then bam: 39mbps down and something stupid of like 26mbps up. How does Verizon do it with 1-day of downtime but Sprint takes weeks/months of service issues?
  7. I've seen 2.7 - 3.0 Mbps plenty of times off the verizon tower near me.
  8. I went back to the store that monday and asked them the same questions but different person. They said they didn't know of any work being done currently but lte should be available by end of 2013. A lady there from last time saw me ask the same questions to diff person and I got an evil glare. It was great. I got some lovely pictures,of what I assume is verizon lte towers. Sprint had the upper equipment but the big drum lookin things had their cables going to a cabinet with no identification for property.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I figured that was the case considering on here it says first LtE sites in October. It was still interesting to see what an actual Sprint store had to say. I'll give the store a call next week and see if they have any updates on their 4g LtE progress Mmhmm. Verizon was incredibly honest with me. They have unofficial 4g in Mankato (same as when Sprint users with LtE phones received their LtE signal before Sprint started blocking the towers -- test phase) and the guy said he couldn't give me an official release date or month. I pushed for him to at least give a rough estimate for when it'd officially launch but he wouldn't. If only I could get Sprint pricing and Verizon service, that'd be the day According to network.sprint.com I should have a data speed upgrade (I assume backhaul enhancement?) by December 6th of this year; been on there since June 6. At this point I'm not sure if that is wishful thinking or something good will be here by the end of this year.
  10. I went to the sprint store in Mankato, MN and was told various towers have already been upgraded with 4g LtE in the twin cities area -- in testing stages atm. I asked the lady where she received her info from and said her manager. The manager was convieniently on vacation. I took that info with a grain of salt. I asked her when 4g LtE was officially released in the first 5 markets and she said back in may. I told her July 15th but she kept insisting it was officially launched back in May in places like Texas. Any actual news on the MN market? I couldn't believe what the Sprint employees were telling me. It left a bad taste in my mouth.
  11. https://network.sprint.com/search/Vero%20Beach%2C%20FL/. Any chance the tower/s by you are scheduled for a voice upgrade - "You're more likely to get clearer calls with fewer dropped connections."
  12. I thought I read that network vision replaces all the legacy equipment with new NV equipment. If Sprint has these towers upgraded for voice/capacity 1-3 months from now does all that equipment just get replaced when they do Network Vision for those towers? What is actually changed/added when they do "band-aid" fixes and how much of that stuff is carried over to network vision upgrades? On https://network.sprint.com/ for places like Chicago it still shows upgrades over the next 6 months. According to this site the Chicago area is set to launch in September and to be completed by December. Seems odd that site would still show band-aid fixes right up until completion of the market. Any reasoning or logic behind that?
  13. That is a terrible article. Verizon markets its LTE networks as having 5-12 Mbps because it knows one day speeds will be congested and actually drop that low. Right now I'd wager the average speeds is much closer to 20-25 Mbps (higher than what they're marketing). I doubt Sprint can say the same once they get a couple users on their network. Seems that Sprint is being a bit naive.
  14. Sprint PRL 60687 came out recently. Are the changes mostly NV related areas/new towers?
  15. Try at midnight if you're awake. 9pm is still late evening and networks are still fairly congested. Try at 3am for even better results in order to see the difference.
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