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  1. If they had sensorly mapping, I would go visit them in jail lol
  2. In the future, would it be possible that Sprint could refarm a 5x5 block of their PCS A-F for LTE (to support earlier devices), and then combine G and H together for 10x10?
  3. Do what I do, and only add the tethering option when you need it. If I need to tether, I'll add it to my account and then remove it when I'm done. Sprint will prorate it per day. Comes out to like $0.65/day for the 2gb option.
  4. Would adding another carrier not help capacity issues? I posted this to suggest another 5x5 carrier could be helpful.
  5. https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AADMDbnrWZTMlKc2yf_wLIhHOp-plZEoH8u-SpdZJT96lA/12/34538839/png/1024x768/3/1370649600/0/2/Screenshot_2013-06-07-17-37-44.png/tUwI8CJBbsSdwnihOowRGwZhe23lR_XhBHCYpqbyz8Q Blackbob park in Olathe, KS I take walks here frequently, and it seems every day around 5:00-7:00 PM my speeds drop to almost nothing. I have direct line of sight with the site (water tower), and my LTE signal ranges from -85 to -95 DBM. Today I couldn't load a picture on an email so I ran this speed test. I tried 3 different servers with similar results. Yesterday at 2:00PM I pulled 15mbps down in the same spot. All neighboring sites have been 4g accepted so I don't think that would be the problem.
  6. I'm tired of this. Softbank/Sprint/Clearwire is the only future I can see Sprint becoming a major competitor. All I can see dish doing is ruining Sprint and wasting spectrum on mobile video.
  7. Please not Dish. If Dish takes over, Sprint will surely become another At&t/Verizon.
  8. I map all the time with my gnex (cm10), and have never had any issues or inaccuracies.
  9. http://www.businessinsider.com/t-mobile-does-have-a-montjact-2013-3?utm_source=mobilesrepublic&utm_medium=referral&utm_term=mobilesrepublic If you get the Equipment plan to pay off your phone, you still have to sign a contract- and the contract even requires having service with T-Mobile. So this really is the same as before. Bring your own device and you can pay prepaid without a contract, or get a "subsidy" and be locked in for two years with the option of paying an "etf" to leave.
  10. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=39614029&postcount=890
  11. My typical usage is about 2GB a month, but twice a year I visit my grandparents for about 2 weeks and they have no internet. We end up using about 10GB of phone data (no tethering.) I chose sprint because I knew I would be using large amounts of data like this on trips. They are the most cost effective.
  12. AJ in your opinion, at Sprint's current pricing, how much data usage on a phone would you consider abuse? You seem very knowledgeable and this is a genuine question.
  13. I can confirm on the galaxy nexus, I am able to use a hacked Verizon-only prl (00001) to be on Verizon Evdo and Sprint LTE simultaneously. I can also be a dummy and try any other prl if needed.
  14. Yuhfhrh


    Check out this wacky speedtest I just did O.o
  15. I flashed it, and I saw a slight improvement of reception everywhere. I get maybe 10% better signal overall. Nothing major but definitely an improvement.
  16. Overland Park has been spotty for me too. Head west/south a little towards Olathe though and you will have really great LTE coverge, particularly between 119th and 151st on murlen through antioch.
  17. I see a lot of the time references saying sprint's 5X5 LTE has a theoretical 37mbps down and 10+(?) up. And also Sprint promises 6-8mbps down/2-3mbps up. Why is the upload always less than the download? The few days I've had LTE here in the Olathe, KS area the upload is almost always just as high if not higher than the download. Typically 7mbps down/up to 12mbps down/up and more recently 7mbps down and 9mbps up. Why is it like this? Is Sprint going to limit upload speeds in the future or something?
  18. I'll try going back to stock and see if there are anymore options. Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is only happening in my basement. I have no reception problems elsewhere.
  19. When my Galaxy Nexus is in Evdo/LTE mode, my 4g signal cuts in and out, jumping from 3g to 4g every minute or so. My LTE signal is ranging from -89dbm to -120dbm. If I force my galaxy nexus to do LTE only, I can get a consistent 6mbps up/down even at -120dbm. Is there anyway to change this dropoff point so it will always hang onto the LTE signal in Evdo/LTE mode? I know you could do this on wimax phones, (http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1566704) but when I enter *#*#3282#*#* on my galaxy nexus, I don't see an option to change signal dropout points anywhere. I'm also running CM9 if that makes any difference. Is there anyone else having this issue, and does anyone know of a solution?
  20. Yuhfhrh


    This is out here in Olathe, KS at Black Bob Park! I noticed 4g popped up for a second, and then went away. So I kept rebooting my phone until it finally stuck! (About 7 reboots) I'm not sure what other info to post but here is what not roam control and Netmonitor say as well: https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-25-57.png https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-26-13.png And here is what my phone status says: https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-42-55.png
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