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  1. Another great analogy? Hurricane evacuation? Really? Hurricane evacuation: everyone in the city going away from city all at the same time, using the same road, and going in one direction. Wireless Networks using your (in)famous analogy: plenty of highways out of the city, not everyone being on at the same time, and some (other) highways are wider and faster. No, your hurricane evacuation and gasoline analogies are about as idiotic as your attempts to make fun of people who use their phones beyond what your little mind allows. Like I wrote above, I have not been on a forum that asks for donation that I have not donated...because I know the hard work behind it...I created the biggest 4runner forum on the net...all using my own energy and money. But, yeah, usually, I stay on for a few months to get a feel of it before donating my hard-earned money. But, yeah, good job in alienating me by calling me out! Lol...never have ever heard such desparate attempt to get money! Brag about excessive use? Has anyone done that recently? All I see is your childish bantering at other members who say that their phones are for work and pleasure...or that they fly a lot and therefore need SD card...where on earth are these members talking or even posting excessive data useage??!! WTF are you talking about? Being a childish and ignorant of other members' needs/requirements is just dumb IMHO. But, yeah, thanks for the forum. I enjoyed it with my short time here. You can close my account...at 100 posts. Nice place to end.
  2. BTW, i miss this part. Is gas prices an issue? Yes. Is it ever going to be a non-issue? No. This analogy is wrong. Now, if gasoline was like Sprint, whereby one pays a monthly fee and you get unlimited gas, then yeah, your analogy is correct. But the world does not work like that. And like above, if one pays $100 for unlimited gas the whole month, then would i bitch & moan that some guy went joyriding (legally within parameters of contract) all night long? No. That would be silly. If the company does not want that to happen, then don't freaking offer it in the first place! Simple. It is NOT my job to "police" other members of their activity...as long as it is legal.
  3. koiulpoi, i am not one bit offended. I have been on forums for a long time...as noted above, i created (and ran) the biggest 4runner forum on the net for over a decade! However, being repeatedly told how nonsensical it is to use your phone on a PHONE forum that deals with how FAST connections are is kinda weird, isn't it? I can't imagine telling my 4runner forum members how idiotic it is to take the 4runner off-road! Why alienate the very crowd that makes up your forum by putting down their passion (and the reason why the forum was created in the first place)? Not sure about everyone else, but i am here because i like my phone (and Sprint) and want to get the most up to date info on everything Sprint stuff. Sprint network plan is unlimited, right? I have never used more than 1GB/month...not even close b/w me and my wife! But, do i blame someone if they do? No. It is their right and well within Sprint's contract...as long as they do it legally. I am sure that this UNLIMITED feature is why some of us are on Sprint in the first place. Now, if a person hotspots ILLEGALLY, then yeah, get rid of him/her! But, is that something that is done here? Or is that Sprint's responsibility? Are the admins and mods here part of Sprint? Do they act as mommies to spank the hand of those who do? OR is this a forum for enthusiast? So, no, i don't care about spectrum crunch or whatever it is called. It is SPRINT's responsibility to manage their network and to improve upon it. THAT is why i pay them every month...and why i still stay with them! If people legally causes spectrum crunch, then it is SPRINT'S fault, no one else! Trying to "manage" this legal activity here is pretty damn silly IMHO. Most people here want to see phone and Sprint related stuff being posted (and they do!)...not a mommy to tell them how silly it is to use their phone. Don't you agree?
  4. I am new at this....but I don't see tri-band LTE support...with Sprint frequencies...am I wrong? (Hopefully, I am wrong!)
  5. I sure hope that 5S will have this chip! I would love to see Apple take the lead with LTE technology. I am leaning to 5S if and only if it supports tri-band LTE. Otherwise, i will get LG G2.
  6. Without people who are crazy about smartphones, there would not be this forum nor the contributions. I normally pay for forums that I have much interest in. I hope to contribute financially soon... but all this taking down from people who have no clue about other members is not appreciated. BTW, I am a 38 yo professional... not a punk with pulled down worn jeans. I am a direct person too and was an admin/creator for a large car forum. But not every post of mine is a direct insult of all my members and the very reason for them being there!
  7. Wow, that's odd. I tested both iP5 with and without Defender...and it was a clear difference...less dropped calls and clearer conversation.
  8. To be fair, Samsung GS3/4 (and Note 2) have fabulous cell reception! My Note 2 handily beats my iPhone 5 in my house (both on same carrier). iPhone 5 has to rely on Sprint Airave to get signal...my Note 2 does not. LTE and Wifi reception also beats iP5. So, with each, you win some, you lose some. For me, I like to have good cell signal because my phone is also my work phone and pager. I am really hoping that iP5S will have some upgrades to its antennas. These are my personal testing at my house...not sure what you guys have found in scientific testing. (BTW, I also found that Otterbox Defender improves iP5 cell signal significantly! Weird...)
  9. On another note, given that iP5S is coming out in one month, shouldn't we be seeing some sort of FCC filing by now? Did I miss it? Or does Apple do it real close to announcement?
  10. For me, it is either LG G2 or iPhone 5S. Currently, I have both OS in my house...I have Note 2 and my wife iP5. Personally, I prefer iOS because it is more stable. The problem with Android is that every 6 months or so, you need to restore your phone to factory to keep it running smoothly...just did that with my Note 2. Some authentic Play Store app install extra crap on your phone...and thus, over time, it builds up in your memory/phone...and partly causes lags and crashes. I like Android because it has the big screen...less squinting for me (thus, eye fatigue). Yeah, customization is great. But, I still need to pull the battery once in a while or, as noted above, restore the phone to keep it running optimally. My Note 2 is running factory 4.1.2...and have never installed non-Play apps. I also particularly like it when my playlist suddenly disappear from phone! iOS may be boring, but it is stable. If I delete an app, everything goes out, nothing is left behind. iTunes also makes restore (from backup) extremely easy since it remembers everything (including your ringtones for specific contact). And if I decide to buy a movie from iTunes, I know that it is high quality (1080p). Google Play movies are far from 1080p quality...crappy quality in fact! In addition, music selection is better on iTunes with good quality. iOS 7 also looks to be quite good...yeah, it copies other OS, but that's OK for me, the end user. iOS7 bridges some of the missing elements of iOS6. Kind of like Facetime or iMessage, Apple may copy others, but they make it much easier to use, smoother, and more dependable! As an end user, I love that! I don't need bleeding edge technology when it fails repeatedly! That is useless to me. Apple reminds me of Toyota...copying other car manufacturer's tech (BMW & Mercedes) and then refining it to make it reliable. And don't forget Apple's great aftersale support, both hardware (Apple Store) and software (your device getting latest updates for at least 2 years and beyond).
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