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  1. I'll try going back to stock and see if there are anymore options. Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is only happening in my basement. I have no reception problems elsewhere.
  2. When my Galaxy Nexus is in Evdo/LTE mode, my 4g signal cuts in and out, jumping from 3g to 4g every minute or so. My LTE signal is ranging from -89dbm to -120dbm. If I force my galaxy nexus to do LTE only, I can get a consistent 6mbps up/down even at -120dbm. Is there anyway to change this dropoff point so it will always hang onto the LTE signal in Evdo/LTE mode? I know you could do this on wimax phones, (http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1566704) but when I enter *#*#3282#*#* on my galaxy nexus, I don't see an option to change signal dropout points anywhere. I'm also running CM9 if that makes any difference. Is there anyone else having this issue, and does anyone know of a solution?
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    This is out here in Olathe, KS at Black Bob Park! I noticed 4g popped up for a second, and then went away. So I kept rebooting my phone until it finally stuck! (About 7 reboots) I'm not sure what other info to post but here is what not roam control and Netmonitor say as well: https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-25-57.png https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-26-13.png And here is what my phone status says: https://dl.dropbox.c...11-17-42-55.png
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