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  1. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-B4fuuBmPzlX0xzUjc0WEpLUXc/edit
  2. My second order at 4:00PM (Central) got cancelled, but my original order at 2:00 was shipped and fedex says its on the way.
  3. Bummer! I'm assuming I will get the same message shortly lol
  4. Do you mean it didn't pass validation for you or something? I just ordered two more, waiting to see if they go through or not.
  5. My order was just marked as shipped. You can still do this by selecting Sprint, then choosing replacement device, and selecting the mifi.
  6. Try this: www.wirefly.com/eCommerce/SpecialOffer.aspx?cid=21427_df3645b2722e4b678c078f28a7d3ae14
  7. If they really want to give things away for free, we might as well take them all and hand them out to S4GRU users! Edit: Mine just passed validation too.
  8. I'm pretty sure Sprint will have different coverage maps, it will probably work like it does now for LTE and Wimax. Different coverage maps for different devices.
  9. Sprint surely won't have the phone hold onto 1900 at -120 dBm when a stronger 800 signal is available, so hopefully the values they set won't need to be tinkered with.
  10. I have a feeling half of the Sensorly mappers on Sprint will buy tri-band devices almost immediately lol
  11. Went to a Sprint corporate store, and the manager said I still could sign up with the old everything data plans if I wanted. He doesn't know what's going on with the EPRP plans though.
  12. http://sprint.com/sero They were Sprint's employee referral plans. It stood for "Everything Plus Referral Program".
  13. At least they can't online. I tried signing up for it, and when I got to the part to choose my plan, these new plans were the only option.
  14. I'm a little surprised with the removal of the EPRP plans (for new customers.) I wonder if they will get new revamped plans later, or if they are just going to drop them for good.
  15. Exactly, at that point I would just start buying my phones outright. I just hope they don't do something like, "All Tri-band LTE devices are only compatible with the new My Way plans."
  16. I feel like rolling the dice. It seems like SERO and the employee referral plans are safe for now... but at the same time it just feels like any day now Sprint will say, to get a subsidy you'll have to bump up to the current eprp plan (which at $70/month isn't too bad)
  17. I'm waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 too, but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and upgrade now to a GS4 to be safe, then sell it when the GN3 comes out.
  18. If they had sensorly mapping, I would go visit them in jail lol
  19. In the future, would it be possible that Sprint could refarm a 5x5 block of their PCS A-F for LTE (to support earlier devices), and then combine G and H together for 10x10?
  20. Do what I do, and only add the tethering option when you need it. If I need to tether, I'll add it to my account and then remove it when I'm done. Sprint will prorate it per day. Comes out to like $0.65/day for the 2gb option.
  21. Would adding another carrier not help capacity issues? I posted this to suggest another 5x5 carrier could be helpful.
  22. https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AADMDbnrWZTMlKc2yf_wLIhHOp-plZEoH8u-SpdZJT96lA/12/34538839/png/1024x768/3/1370649600/0/2/Screenshot_2013-06-07-17-37-44.png/tUwI8CJBbsSdwnihOowRGwZhe23lR_XhBHCYpqbyz8Q Blackbob park in Olathe, KS I take walks here frequently, and it seems every day around 5:00-7:00 PM my speeds drop to almost nothing. I have direct line of sight with the site (water tower), and my LTE signal ranges from -85 to -95 DBM. Today I couldn't load a picture on an email so I ran this speed test. I tried 3 different servers with similar results. Yesterday at 2:00PM I pulled 15mbps
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