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  1. DOJ might stall for this very reason.
  2. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-mobile-sprint-vow-fight-232342816.html This brings it back full circle. Time to get a bigger tub of popcorn.
  3. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/stocks/sprint-gains-on-report-t-mobile-us-has-asset-buyers-to-win-doj-merger-approval-14989913 As the merger world turns...
  4. My novice opinion is Sprint has been going after the lender approvals of later to try to cover the credit aspects of the agreement. If DOJ then approves, T-Mobile may owe them $600 Million, but Sprint would have to do whatever T-Mobile decides: sue as is, sue and start merger in other states, drop merger. Network Joint Venture with separate marketing may make more sense, but the problem is how the Sprint debt is handled. I can also see multiple ways this gets played no matter what happens, all depending on the larger players. Softbank might even accept Sprint being split apart and sold to multiple entities if their dream of proper scale through a T-Mobile merger can not be realized. Failure of the merger does not guarantee four national wireless competitors. Wireless may move beyond that definition.
  5. I see the wireless market currently as two mega carriers and two also rans. Merger should help rural and small city coverage. Coverage should also be more even simply due to queue theory. Not certain if it will help or hurt me personally. Will have to wait to see which Sprint sites are retained and other numerous details. I also don't discount the merger risks: the merger can be approved yet be a business failure. The waters have been roiled enough that other players may emerge from different sectors béfore both carriers become one.
  6. https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/makan-delrahim-ajit-pai-meet-friday-to-discuss-t-mobile-sprint-deal-as-doj-decision-looms
  7. If the Arris is used for Optimum Voice, then it should be kept as the first router. The Airave is recommended to be first priority of Sprint voice via CDMA and VoLTE Soon (tm).
  8. Considering that Sprint reportedly has spent $345 million so far on the merger, $600 million might just bring them back to even.
  9. A lot of the press believes we won't see it until January 2020 or later.
  10. Yes, those ports need to be open. Sometimes handled automatically. Some ISPs will allow you to access the router to make these type of changes, others will not, but then they typically allow you to go to a modem setup where you provide the router (which can be the Airave which I believe also offers WiFi). Typically you would want the ISP provided router to allow a sort-of bridge mode, have a DMZ port, or enable you to open up those ports. Another option sometimes offered is being able to buy an IP address. A key item for further discussion is the exact manufacturer and model number of said router.
  11. Why should they act before the FCC gives its formal approval for their plan which is scheduled for June 15th at the earliest?
  12. https://www.rcrwireless.com/20190603/carriers/amazon-reportedly-interested-in-buying-boost-mobile Amazon's interest may have a different twist.
  13. Initially looks good. The reason why I asked was in many LG phones, turning off b25, disables all LTE. The band priority on some LG phones displays nothing when you click on it.
  14. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see band 25 turned off with the other LTE bands stll functioning nor do I see the band priorities listed or allowing you to change them.
  15. Can you turn off b25? Does it allow you to change band priorities? Thanks
  16. You really need two phones to test just the 5g with one having the 5g turned off. Would love to see the LTE 5g settings and debug screens.
  17. Hmmm, just dawned on me that the 4G is the primary and 5g is the 4th carrier (channel), hence the slow upload speeds.
  18. No debt with Boost unlike Sprint
  19. Ask to be a beta tester for it - you already have the key part.
  20. Maybe 5G is the best way for VoLTE for Sprint minus a merger. When your this late for the party, might be better to be early for the next one.
  21. This could be DOJ just trying to "approve" the merger knowing T-Mobile will reject it, which then may trigger $600 Million for Sprint. IMO the time to have worried about four competitive carriers is when AT&T and Verizon have been allowed to obtain mmWave firms and their prior round of significant acquisitions. We will just have to wait for more details
  22. While we are looking at technical aspects, 5G NR may also eliminate issues with B41 upload speeds where TDD can effectively vary its download upload ratio based on demand: https://www.ericsson.com/en/ericsson-technology-review/archive/2017/designing-for-the-future-the-5g-nr-physical-layer Basically this would have made B41 even more attractive to T-Mobile. How Sprint has chosen to implement 5G on B41 should be known in a few days. Due to likely propagation issues, Verizon has chosen to use a lower frequency for its uploads when using its mmWave 5G, so we can not use them to easily determine whether 5G NR can vary its download upload ratio (but they could be using it to prevent wasted spectrum). AT&T's 5G is invitation only, T-Mobile's is in field test.
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