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  1. Kevster1321

    Pixel 4/4XL

    This is the highest speed I got on this phone so far.
  2. Kevster1321

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Just got my unlocked pixel 4xl and noticed that it doesn't want to roam on Verizon and how can I check what band I'm on because it doesn't have a debug section .
  3. Kevster1321

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I have a question I'm going to buy an unlocked pixel 4xl on Friday and will be activating it on sprint. I just wanted to know if wifi calling and mobile hotspot will work. Thanks
  4. I'm picking up band 41 from MA 5 miles away. The only thing I can get on my phone from out in my yard is band 26 so I'm happy
  5. So an update to my magic box experiment I order one using my sister address and finally picked it up(gen 2). My address does not have sprint coverage at all if you look at the sprint map (06255). I Put it on my back enclosed porch and plugged it in and am now enjoying LTE. I think in a few weeks I'll order the gen 3. The box is showing RSRP: 116 dBm
  6. I checked the availability of the magic box in my area and it said the address is not available for the box. I just wanted to know if it will work because sprint does have service here in CT.
  7. I tried to get a magic box for the hundredth time but they said they are out of stock till October
  8. But I just got my sprint branded credit card. I'm not going to use a pink T-Mobile card lol. I'm not really happy about it but if it does become T-Mobile lets get rid of the hot pink color please.
  9. In the article you mentioned Connecticut. So does that mean CT is one of the states getting these new tower upgrades?
  10. At the 28 minute mark he says "if your a voice user you don't give a shit about data quality" ?
  11. I have the new gear sport and noticed if you don't climb at least 12 or more steps at a time it won't count for a floor.
  12. So I was looking at this http://specmap.sequence-omega.net map of sprints spectrum and it looks like sprint doesn't own any BRS spectrum in Vermont is this true and if so are they just using EBS?
  13. Kevster1321

    HTC U11

    So I just did a factory reset and and lost the HTC message app and don't want to use the google message can anyone help
  14. Kevster1321

    HTC U11

    Monday Oreo well be rolled out https://www.phonearena.com/news/Sprint-to-roll-out-Android-8.0-Oreo-for-HTC-U11-on-January-22_id101792
  15. Yeah I dont know if it's issued date or if it's when the tower gets completed
  16. Just got updated on Jan 12th Last time it was updated was Oct 11th
  17. The CT siting website updated and there are a lot of permits issued for 2.5ghz upgrades
  18. I went from the 10 to the u11 and I'm happy I wish the u11+ was on sprint
  19. Is there a number I can call to order a MB
  20. Also had to set Hulu up over the sprint network doesn't let you use Wi-Fi and wouldn't let me use the airave either had to go outside to get LTE lol
  21. Yeah I was like OK thanks then went into my account and added it. they really need to fix there customer service
  22. So sprint chat told me that I can't get Hulu till the 12/8 because it came out today but only in some areas I will call and see if it's different UPDATE: Just went online to my account and just added myself
  23. Does anyone know where att roaming is allowed/not allowed I'm in CT and would love to roam for data because I can't with Verizon
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