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  1. Moody Road tower in Enfield is getting new panels today... drove by and saw cables hanging off the tower, and people working on the Sprint rack. Looks like the new panels are in. As I said previously in this thread, I needed to switch carriers, but am still following what Sprint is doing. So those of us in Enfield should be getting some better signals soon. We have some good friends down the street that have Sprint, so I'll have to ask them if their signals improve in the coming weeks. I believe this tower covers most of the east side of Enfield into Somers.
  2. I drove by this morning, and noticed that one of the racks now has no panels on it. I'm assuming that they are either putting in new Sprint panels soon or they cleaned off the Nextel ones.
  3. I drove by again this morning, and it looked like there were RRUs behind some new panels. Looks like things are happening around here! Does anyone know, can I activate my old phone on Boostmobile right away, or do I have to wait 6 months. I thought I heard with some carriers they make you wait. I'd just do a daily prepaid android plan, and use it once in awhile to see how things are progressing.
  4. I saw tower climbers on the tower near Exit 46 on I-91 this afternoon. They were working on the third rack from the top, and possibly the second. Maybe this is a good sign. Hate to say this, but the wait was just too much, and my wife started to really complain, so we switched to Verizon three weeks ago. Not trying to be negative about Sprint here, but Verizon is working better for our needs. I'm still hanging around here, as I'm interested to see how the new network performs. I will probably keep my Nexus 4G around, in case I want to try a prepaid at some point to see what things are
  5. Hmm. I'm going to drive RT5 on the way home. If I start getting indicators I'll fire up Sensorly. This might be very good news.
  6. I was at Sonny's Place in Somers today, and there is a cell tower across the street which I assume has sprint, since my phone was showing a -60 RSSI (Thanks to this board I got the Signal Check Pro app to watch all the numbers). I was getting 2000kbps/1100kbps and about an 88ms ping to Boston there. Seems like if the tower hasn't been upgraded, at least the backhaul is sufficient. Maybe this one will be done soon.
  7. Here is an update. I filed a network ticket last week with executive customer care, as the only answer I got about slow speeds with *2 was "everyone is on social media". A network technician personally called me back. Here's what I know: Where I work in East Hartford, several towers across the river have been converted to NV. I have the unfortunate location of being right on the fringe of three towers, so my signal in the building bounces back and forth quite a bit. He said hopefully with the 1900 upgrades it will get better, and then when the 800 voice rolls out, that should help
  8. Does anyone know what old cellular antennas looked like in the early 90s when Nextel was FleetCall? I ask because I remember a tower as a kid that had three antennas next to each other that looked like basic vertical antennas. Now, the same site has three panels and looks to be Nextel, according to a database search. When digital cellular came on the scene in the late 90s, is that when the cellular carriers switched to sectors and panels with antennas in them? Or has cellular always been this way. If you have pictures of towers from the analog days, I'd be interested in seeing them.
  9. I noticed that Rt 5 in South Windsor has some pretty fast speeds. East Hartford to the south and East Windsor and Enfield to the north it gets bad. They must have upgraded the backhaul with the 3G in South Windsor, as I was getting something like 1.4Mbit/0.9Mbit and low pings.
  10. Maybe I'm just seeing things, but I thought I saw a tower at exit 35A on I-91 that looked like the panels were removed. I will try to look harder tomorrow (it is closer to the southbound direction). Maybe a Nextel tower?
  11. I agree, I hope we are close. Sprint still has pretty good signals at my house for data (although I use WiFi at home). I've been testing data speeds on Verizon 3G, and they can be slow in this area too. I read somewhere that they aren't putting more money into their 3G (why would they?), so there probably won't be more carriers added to speed things up. So I figure I'll be patient and wait for Sprint. Only problem is that my desk at work moved to where I'm roaming now, and I've already exceeded the 300MB cap. I might get forced off in a few months, I guess we will see. If the get th
  12. I thought I saw in another thread that NV towers get turned on in clusters. Does this mean that probably we will see work at a bunch of sites, and then all of a sudden things will get much better at once? I noticed there are 4 towers marked complete in Hartford, and around there, it is hit and miss. sometimes my downloads are 1.2-1.6mbps, other times they are 0.1-0.4mbps.
  13. Unfortunately, nothing. I was getting about 1100/1000kbps in Enfield around Wendy's (Exit 48) the other night, but in general, the speeds are very bad. I keep looking at the tower right around Exit 46, as I go by every day, but no trucks or anything like that. I guess we will just keep waiting and hoping it hits our area soon. I got some nice 4G speeds in Natick, MA over the weekend, so I'm sure once the backhaul and 4G is in place, things will be very much improved.
  14. Was at the Natick Mall today. Didn't get 4G inside the mall, and noticed in the parking garage I had no signal at all (not even Verizon roaming). I did turn on Sensorly and mapped around the Natick area as I drove around. Maybe I'll add something to what has already been done. How long does it take for the updates to appear on their website?
  15. Sensorly shows good 4G coverage around the Natick Mall area. Does 4G work inside the mall too?
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