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Help in identifying the Sprint Panels on towers

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I snapped a few pictures of the 3 closest towers to my house, trying to identify the sprint equipment (and clear wimax). One of them is obvious because its a single head on top of a building by the airport, but the rest I'm clueless on.


Can anyone help me identify what equipment belongs to who on these towers?


DE73XC878 - Remy Dr, Lansing, MI

(I don't know enough about the panels, but it looks like two different types on this site. It's on top of a small building near the airport.)


DSC_1609 by jefbal99_, on Flickr


DE60XC036 - Stanley St, Lansing, MI

(Pretty sure there is WiMax on this tower, based on looking at the clear.com/coverage maps. Also, closest to my house)


DSC_1599 by jefbal99_, on Flickr


DE33XC553 - Filley St

(Shared tower by the railroad tracks. I have closer pictures of the individual panels if needed, but this was the only one with everything)


DSC_1603 by jefbal99_, on Flickr

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