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1 Gbps TD-LTE Wireless Speeds

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As a follow up thought to John Saw's statements referenced above, Clearwire might consider dropping many of its EBS 2600 MHz leases as it shutters WiMAX over the next few years. That would cut costs, yet Clearwire would still retain up to 55.5 MHz of contiguous BRS 2600 MHz spectrum (BRS2, E, F, H blocks), which would jive nicely with Clearwire's TD-LTE 40 MHz bandwidth plans.






I agree with you. Those leases cost money and they have not exactly been swimming in the dough. However, they could sublease them to other interested parties. I also agree with you on having more than 40 Mhz channels. The power bill alone for running more than 40MHz channel is going to be huge. Not to mention having to pay an arm and a leg for wideband amps.

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There is no need for anything bigger than a 40 MHz channel. Anything bigger than a 40 MHz channel will only be used for speedtests to show off how fast speeds and nothing else. The average user does not need greater than 40 MHz worth of speeds to browse the internet or stream video. I would much rather have Clearwire deploy three 20 MHz LTE carriers for capacity than one 60 MHz LTE carrier.

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This is the most recent "map" I found last year.





These are the most accurate and most recent maps/graphs out there. However, the map does miss several EBS spectrum holdings. They probably were newly negotiated leases after the map was made. Also, we should note that 150MHz is not available in all markets.


The EBS holdings are very variable from market to market. The EBS portions of Clearwire spectrum consist of whatever they could negotiate and lease from the local school/university.


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    • Well.. my power flickered this evening and kicked my cell spot offline. I noticed that my phone still had service, then the 5G UC showed up on my screen. Honestly thought it was just a hang up from the loss and it was not displaying properly... but then I did a speed test and got 250meg down and 30 Meg upload.... apparently they've added n71 here in the past week and I just found it.  For the first time in 10+ years I don't need a box to give my service at home!! Like a kid with a new toy now...yay!  
    • Sounds like a "well you might as well just buy the company" statement
    • Bloosurf is petitioning to deny T-Mobile's request for an STA specifically in their service area. https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsEntry/attachments/attachmentViewRD.jsp;ATTACHMENTS=Ghl9knTSFp8J4nVm1P9qL4541XR1gy58whH7Yyz0MwGs037gQrNV!-2042069078!-79842837?applType=search&fileKey=1297203795&attachmentKey=21718533&attachmentInd=applAttach Short read but pretty much they're saying that T-Mobile's operations in the BRS/EBS band has been interfering with Bloosurf's LTE-based WISP network and that this has caused them harm (lose customers, etc.) They claim that allowing T-Mobile access to all of the spectrum they bought in or near Bloosurf's service area would cause even more interference. To be fair they aren't wrong. They mention that in 2021 the FCC investigated and determined that T-Mobile was operating outside of its licensed spectrum band there. However, I get the sense that Bloosurf is just trying to stop a competitor from operating in their service area. Typically carriers work this kind of stuff out among each other. Here in NYC, 3/4ths of Brooklyn has 140MHz of n41 deployed and the southern 1/4th of it has 80MHz deployed thanks to an incumbent that leases the spectrum from the archdiocese. In spite of that there are no complaints of interference from NextWave in such a dense environment. Seems to me like Bloosurf just doesn't want to coordinate with T-Mobile and would rather complain to delay the deployment of spectrum for as long as possible. EDIT: It's not just their service area, it's a larger area surrounding their service area as well. Something's fishy about this request. 
    • Really cool blog post from OpenSignal giving a broad overview over the mobile network experience in NYC.  https://www.opensignal.com/2023/03/30/localized-analysis-reveals-huge-network-experience-gaps-between-mobile-users-in-the-us
    • Bit too early to tell imo. It's good news if Dish can stop the hemorrhaging. Q3/Q4 2022 they were able to stop the hemorrhaging. Their previous 6 quarters they lost between 160k and 350k subs each. Their next report will be interesting to see how they were impacted subscriber wise due to the hack.
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