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  1. They own WillCom, Softbank Mobile, and E-Mobile/E-access. WillCom uses the PHS network, which is collocated with their AXGP(TD-LTE) network, if my memory is correct. I think e-mobile is just standard 3GPP carrier like Softbank Mobile.
  2. What is the fourth for Japan? I thought they only had three( Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank)
  3. I am against this move. I think buying regional carriers like USCC and Cspire while increasing coverage organically would be a smarter move. I feel this move would only be for customers, since spectrum does not really match up. I also think this could force the FCC to reconsider plans for limiting the big two in future auctions as well as lead to restructuring of how 2.5Ghz spectrum is counted against the spectrum screen.
  4. I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. Even with Verizon, Tmobile, and Att's 700Mhz A, it would not be anywhere close to nationwide. It would not completely solve the IBEZ problem at either border.
  5. I wish apple would have stuck to their word and released FaceTime for all platforms. I heard they got hit with some patent lawsuit, which forced them to change how FaceTime works, which caused them to drop those plans. I wish they would reconsider. FaceTime/iMessage on all platforms would actually be good for apple. I do think apple would benefit from becoming more open. I do not believe the iPod would have been as popular if they had not released iTunes for windows.
  6. I tried recreating what happened to you, but was unable. I tried with an iPhone, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy s3, but was still unable to find the 3g data add-on charge. Sprint is probably going through some bugs with the changing of the plans. It charges you 50 per line no matter how many lines you have. I am sure Sprint will solve the bugs.
  7. Nope. EPRP has been killed off and replaced with Everything Plus Unlimited My way, which are the plans you saw. Those old(Everything Data/Everything Plus/Everything Share) plans were officially killed off yesterday, so you could not get the old 30 dollar plan even if you walked into a store. They do not exist anymore. Also EPRP has always been more about savings for smartphone customers. I do not even remember them offering discounts on basic phones.
  8. I am on the site now, and it seems like they updated the EPRP with my way style pricing. It is called Everything Plus Unlimited, my way.(EPUMW) It is 50 40 30 20 for the first second third and fourth+, which is the same as my way, but the unlimited data plan is only 20 instead of 30.
  9. I did not know that EPRP would stay even after they retired everything data. I assumed they would all get killed off at the same time. To answer the OP question, I believe the date is tomorrow(10/11/13) That was the date I last saw in the leaked Sprint One Up documents. I just signed up for EPRP last night. Of course the iPhone is sold out, so I cannot get my device for another 4+ weeks. edit: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4664-sprint-one-up-programbreaking-news-response-to-jumpedgenext/?p=205342 third post third document.
  10. Smart move. Corner the enterprise market and build a strong ecosystem. I always thought BB should go WP. They could own the enterprise market and be a strong third option in the consumer market. They could probably even over take apple in a few years, if they ecosystem is strong enough.
  11. First, This chip is coming out in 2014, so the iPhone 5S would not be getting it. Second, Apple currently uses Qualcomm chips. Third, Qualcomm has already stated they are coming out with a chip that supports 40 different LTE bands as well as CDMA/TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE/ETC, so that is not the problem. The problem is likely to be from getting the antennas and other parts to support all those bands into the phone. http://9to5mac.com/2013/02/21/qualcomms-latest-chip-could-end-iphone-lte-band-fragmentation-by-putting-40-bands-into-one-chipset/
  12. I think Motorola would be smart to corner the qwerty market. If they release a qwerty slider on all major carriers, they would probably see huge sales. No one makes Qwerty phones these days,especially high end ones. They would own the market.
  13. This is the same article that people have been referencing for a long time. I would not take it as confirmation. If Sprint buys up a carrier like Cellular South or USCC, then I think we can take it as confirmation. Son could have easily meant "We will pull even with Verizon in high speed coverage areas". Softbank has been quoted as seeing 2-3 billion in economies of scale savings for Sprint. Sprint in one of their NV documents mentioned saving 1.5 billion a year from shutting down Nextel, so I could see Sprint being able to afford the upgrades by using those savings as well as others that they find.
  14. I am not sure, but I assumed they were band 41 because of their work with Clearwire. Here is a quote that made me believe they are using band 41. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1138601-china-mobiles-td-lte-technology-expanding-fast-where-to-invest
  15. The way Apple and China Mobile have been talking, I believe Apple's iPhone already support Band 41, so now they want the largest possible customer selling it.
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