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VZW home LTE expansion

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Looks like VZW's NOC told someone "yeah, our cell sites are basically idling in these markets", and VZW decided to actually do something with that capacity.


I imagine these same markets are where Visible would work well (high latency aside).

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Yeah, I've been waiting for this to happen. Surprised it has taken so long. But then I also wonder what the site requirements are to be part of this and what areas this is actually available in.

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2 hours ago, iansltx said:

imagine these same markets are where Visible would work well

70% of Visible users I encounter online already have their SIM parked in an LTE router made to look like a phone.

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    • Long live Wimax, Clearwire, Sprint Spark, Sprint LTE Advance, Sprint LTE Plus, Sprint!
    • Has your site been upgraded? Because B4/B66 performs worse on the new Nokia AAFIA Massive MIMO equipment in Texas. Before the upgrades, T-Mobile physically split sectors for B2/4/66 and coverage+performance was pretty impressive. B4/66 coverage was actually very close to that of B2 (even outperforming it in some instances). Now that my local tower has been upgraded, I still receive B12 and B2 from it. But my B4/66 now comes from a different neighboring tower as my home tower's B4/66 is drowned out. As you can imagine, I no longer get the same peak speeds as before since CA doesn't play nice with bands coming from different towers. Even the newly added B41 has a better reach than B4/66 (getting 80+ mbps downloads on B41+B41, T-Mobile just needs to optimize load balancing as B41 thresholds seem very conservative).
    • I don't have the "hearing me" problem, but I bet it's network related..... I just rarely get calls and texts when people call me or text me. Telemarketers seem to always get through but never the important calls. The New T-mobile sucks just as hard as the Old Sprint. 
    • At one point i was on B66 all the time at our house, but now i almost never see Band 66.  I haven't paid attention to the PLMNs,  i will have to check.  We haven't had the issue in a few days, hopefully they have fixed whatever the issue was.  
    • It's amazing how quickly T-Mobile is integrating Sprint's network assets after the merger and putting itself on real competitive footing with Verizon/AT&T. With the launch of the 5G iPhone, uptake of new 5G devices on T-Mobile's network must be substantial. T-Mobile's midband capacity from Sprint is making a real difference in usability and speed.
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