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Charter is not interested in becoming a full fledged carrier

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Already offloads 75% of data load to WiFi so it does not make financial sense to invest in a macro network.  Said that they might be interested in bidding in the CBRS and C-Band auctions.


I wonder if they are interested in hosting both of those bands in post and strand mounted small cells as a neutral host. I have no idea why Comcast bid in the 600MHz auction other than to lease it to a carrier and get roaming on the cheap. Right now they are leasing it to T-Mobile and I am assuming that that would be the play going forward.

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On 6/19/2020 at 12:47 PM, bigsnake49 said:

I have no idea why Comcast bid in the 600MHz auction other than to lease it to a carrier and get roaming on the cheap. 

This is what I assumed, if they never were planning to build out a network.  And they never seemed serious to do that.


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Roaming agreements.  Possibly target hotspots.

I also think that if they can put 3.5GHz in their modem's, they could improve coverage/handoff significantly over 2.4/5GHz WiFi. Further increase the amount of data offloaded onto their network.

But in CBRS, they don't NEED a license.  They have  80MHz of unlicensed spectrum to work with.  So I'd think picking up licenses is more so that they can swap for better MVNO deals.

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    • So I'm getting "Clearwire" notifications on SCP since upgrading to the latest update as far as provider goes when the bands are clearly tmo (2 and 4, usually...with a smattering of 41).  All of these indicated T-Mobile prior to last update. Why the odd discrepancy?  Anyone? Bueller?  Anyone?  
    • The real question will be the effect on the upcoming 2.5 EBS auction.  T-Mobile might be able to get very good prices with almost no implementation costs for much better service in small cities and rural areas.
    • What was the previous 600Mhz antenna?
    • Auction 107: Hit $80.9B.   Now going to enter the assignment phase where bidders can bid on specific spectrum blocks. Wonder how fast this will get online this year.  TMobile's head start with 2.5GHz is gonna get challenged.  I could see them taking the lead in wireless tests in 2021 but then the gap close in 2022.   Auction 108: Three blocks.  49.5, 50.5 and 16.5MHz. I wonder how heavy TMobile will buy here. It'll sorta clean up their holdings and I could see down the road if they don't bid they have to invest more time keeping interference out of the current existing white-space. Likely at least secure entire counties they already own a partial license in. Everything about 2.5 is such a mess.  
    • So very interesting find , at my home The 5G upper layer indicator was turned off on certain LTE bands, but still has NR connected. It was on a Band 30 5 mhz one tower, a Band 30 10mhz chunk on another, and my home tower the Band 2 5Mhz chunk now has no indicator on. I am wondering if they are maybe configuring the the tower for DSS NR band 2
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