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Samsung J7 Perx

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Does anyone have the J7 Perx yet? "Calling Plus" (VoLTE Lite) is supposedly going live today and is supported on this device. 

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    • By danlodish345
      Hi everybody I would figure I would start a Sprint volte launch thread. please keep the let's please keep it on topic.
    • By Paynefanbro
      AT&T took the plunge. Let's see how far they can go with it and how it compares to the HD Voice offerings of Sprint and T-Mobile.
    • By iansltx
      See this article:
      At first, VoLTE will be used to deliver "Rich Communications Services" (which look like something similar to what Voice over IP/Video over IP outfits offer today) rather than completely replacing narrowband voice. It will be awhile before Verizon is willing to commit to that, due in part to LTE outages in late 2011.
      On the flip side is MetroPC, which has pushed VoLTE as hard as it could.
      Then there's Sprint, which will stick to voice over 1x for the foreseeable future, but routes Direct Connect over IP. Sprint's latest DC incarnation seems quite similar to one facet of RCS over LTE.
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    • Just did some quick adding and 70% of the US population is in the largest 114 US MSAs. If Dish covered every MSA above 475k population (so, everything from Lafayette, LA on up), and service stopped completely outside MSA borders, they'd hit their 70%. That's while covering none of places as large as Reno, NV. Oh, and if you cover the San Juan, PR MSA, you can just hit the top 110 other MSAs, down to Pensacola, FL (so, everything with >= 500k population). Now, I fully expect Dish to omit some MSAs in the top 114 in favor of others that are closer to their footprint, or have more Boost Mobile user concentration, but this isn't a ridiculously huge lift...and is why Dish is saying they'll be building out only 15k cell sites by 2023...and they'll have help from T-Mobile as TMo casts off a bunch of redundant sites, many of which would love to immediately get a new tenant.
    • Thing is, building a coverage focused network to cover 70% of the US population using 600 isn't *that* expensive. It's the capacity play that's expensive. You need capacity if you have a ton of customers, which 10MM isn't. Alltel had 12 million customers when Verizon bought them, and covered a larger area than Dish will need to. If you spend $5 billion building a network for, say, 15 million customers, and don't have to subsidize those customers, that's not a huge outlay in the scheme of things.
    • My LG G8 doesn't have never as an option. 10 minutes is the max amount.
    • T-Mobile if very dense in my area too.   Sprint in my area always needed a densification.     So no... it's not Unique.    
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