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VZW backpedals on VoLTE; now slated for 2014 commercial release


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See this article:




At first, VoLTE will be used to deliver "Rich Communications Services" (which look like something similar to what Voice over IP/Video over IP outfits offer today) rather than completely replacing narrowband voice. It will be awhile before Verizon is willing to commit to that, due in part to LTE outages in late 2011.


On the flip side is MetroPC, which has pushed VoLTE as hard as it could.


Then there's Sprint, which will stick to voice over 1x for the foreseeable future, but routes Direct Connect over IP. Sprint's latest DC incarnation seems quite similar to one facet of RCS over LTE.

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HA and they say CDMA 1x Advanced is outdated. VoLTE is no where near ready. I love how these carriers like MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless talk big like they have some aggressive plan to move everyone to VoLTE and ditch CDMA. I am glad that Network Vision contains the deployment of 1x Advanced because I have a feeling we will be using it for a while and is worth the investment.

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