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Who follows every S4GRU forum post in hopes of gleaning info nuggets?



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  1. 1. Do you follow around S4GRU forum posts closely in hopes to pick up unreleased information?

    • Yes, I follow your posts closely, daily.
    • Yes, I try to follow your posts closely whenever I can.
    • Never thought about that, I think I will try that too.
    • Ummm, no.

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I had someone PM me today and tell me they follow every post I make around the forums to see what I say. They said they learned more from picking up little info crumbs I scatter all over the place than they do from articles. :lol:


Although it was kind of creepy to realize you are being cyber stalked around your own forums, I did think it was kind of clever. So, who else follows my posts really closely to see if they can glean some unreleased information? Hoping for morsels of additional info?



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I just go through and read everything. If I followed every post I would have to open a new email account because I would get so many emails all day long it would make my inbox grow to epic proportions.

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Well I can't say I follow each and every post made in the forums, what I usually do is click on the View New Content and read up on the ones that were posted recently. But lately there have been quite a few postings that I can't catch up to. Either way I voted yes.



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I'm not quite stalking you but I do pay close attention whenever I see one of your posts. I am definitely hoping that you let something slip or give a preview of things to come. In the Network Vision related posts especially you are pretty good about giving a ;) if you know some info is coming.

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Robert, there is not a post you've posted that I have not read!


I know I've said this before but I appreciate all the hard work you put into this site and I always look forward to reading what's new.


Drop more crumbs!

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    • I am using Starry for my home internet. I hope it doesn't collapse and make me go to cable.
    • Some of the other plans have been throttled, like the ED1500.  Fixes ultimately came, but it took several years iirc.  I moved on to the Sprint Max.  One of my hopes was I would get the billing transition sooner. Nope.  Wonder if they are going after the static IP.  Likely work around is VPN, especially with a smaller more obscure service.  Rumor has been T-Mobile would start transitioning Sprint Billing customers in earnest next quarter  -- wait, isn't that always the promise?
    • I've been using Samsung devices for a couple years and I've never been able to mirror without wifi? I'm not sure what exactly you're talking about.
    • Is there a way to mirror this thing to my smart tv without having to have wifi, the way I've always done with Samsung phones both at home and at work? Samsung phones do it with TCL and other smart TVs as well, not just Samsung TVs.  Samsung has saved me a ton of money over the years in this regard.  If I can't do this then it will absolutely be a deal breaker for me.  I still have the Samsung phone and can use it to mirror but I shouldn't have to default to a three year old phone for this.  
    • So, I've now gone to a legacy Sprint store and talked with various agents on chat, and I keep getting redirected to scripts, with folks throwing solutions at the wall that I know won't work. I have the Sprint Unlimited Plus business plan, which includes 1080p streaming (8 Mbps throttle). But since going TNX I've been throttled to 2.5 Mbps or less for video. Who do I contact and how do I ask them to fix this? 'cuz it sounds like someone has gotten this fixed before?
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