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Got a new Samsung Tab 4 10.1


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(I looked and did not see another users thread, so started this one.)


Just replaced my aged HP TouchPad (that was running CyanogenMod) with a Samsung Tab 4 (2014) 10.1.  I wanted another large tablet for surfing, etc in the evenings, and maybe start up reading Kindle books again, too.  Seems quick and smooth after the TP, and the display (while not the latest/greatest) is also an improvement.  I was taken aback by how smoothly and quickly the Google update of all my apps and data happened!


I had looked at the new Nexus 9, but couldn't swallow the price, given the reports of light bleed, running hot, feeling a little flimsy, etc.  I'll have to wait for Lollipop when it comes to my M7, or when I get my new M9, whichever comes first!  :)

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