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Sprint to re engage the business market


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I got this e-mail a few minutes ago to one of my business addresses. I haven't seen any efforts like this before.






I plan on being down the street next week for another meeting. Do you think I could stop in to introduce myself?
Sprint has spent the last 18 months completely ripping and replacing their existing network. Whether it has been a year, or 5 years, since your last experience with us…I can assure you the changes are noticeable.
Long story short, I would love to bid on your wireless account. I have a program in mind to offer free equipment (iPhone 5s/Galaxy S5), while still offering financial relief on your current contract term fees.
My availability for a 20 minute meeting is:
·         Tuesday, September 2nd  1pm or 3pm
·         Wednesday, September 3rd  11am
·         Friday, September 5th  10am or 1pm
Warm regards,
Tina Marie
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They also have more favorable international roaming for business.  $5 for Japan http://sprint.com/global/pdf/shop/japan_roaming_add_on.pdf?ECID=vanity:japanplan (which is actually an add-on for your domestic plan), $25 for International  Data Package http://support.sprint.com/global/pdf/support/BizMultiCountryDataPack.pdf

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Them actively working to gain back business customers is a positive sign for the company. At least they feel confident that they are finally in a position to gain some of their lost customers back and that the network is almost ready.


Now that they are working on international wifi calling, i can see the old plans getting much cheaper for international travelers.

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