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  1. This was one of the reasons Dan Hesse was trying to push for the metro merger, they owned spectrum in the entire state of FL & would've brought paying customers... but metro & DT made out with the way they did the reverse merger & DT got a way to exit easily whenever they eventually do. Hindsight is always 20/20 (sometimes even better) lol, but it would have made the economics work better in favor of sprint, now t-mobile has the momentum & sprint has to hope they run out of steam sometime soon! I still believe in this company's potential more than the other 3, and that i
  2. Being "funded" might even just refer to the new off balance sheet vehicle softbank is creating for network equipment. The problem with this is that it's possibly not viewable to anyone outside the organization, so all details do not need to be disclosed in sprint's filings. (Maybe this is by design) I know this is supposed to help sprint's bottom line, but any serious investor will realize that this is just another deferment of costs until (hopefully) sprint's financials get significantly better... and is a way for softbank to provide 'money' but hedge it's bets in case it doesn't work out.
  3. We all knew this was bound to happen, not to all rural partners, but some are just not feasible from a business perspective. I hope that sprint, or one of the other rural partners get the network, b/c if not it will cost sprint far more to invest and cover the area even just to cut down on roaming costs. It's a completely insignificant area to me as I have never been & don't plan on visiting, but in the spirit of hoping sprint can make lemonade or of lemons, I hope they either do a project ocean style expansion in a very cost effective manor, or back one of the other small carriers so
  4. I believe it was part of the original offer, but as someone else pointed out, they have an option to add additional data to the free service because: a.) that will allow more customers flexibility and alleviate any worry about joining 'free' and getting overages. b.) it will allow sprint more potential to make something from free subs.
  5. There are a few things going for KC staying as the HQ for at least the foreseeable future. In today's day and age, there is a wonderful thing called the "Internet" and they can video conference & collaborate with anyone across the world. KC I'm guessing also has a reasonable tax rate when compared to any large city or anywhere in CA. It's also very centrally located for the country, and the cost of living is near average... Talking about him meeting with they mayor of Miami, remember when they met in Chicago & announced it was going to be the flagship sprint city & show what a
  6. I had read that in the transcript as well, as well as something about moving to 6 sectors in some areas that are capacity constrained but need the reach of 800/1900Mhz. Also Robert, maybe the title should be updated to: (soon to be Network Vision)
  7. If softbank really ever merges sprint & t-mobile... it won't be for a while & they will want the CEO to be someone they trust & that will execute their plan. Legere is better suited to an underdog role with his insane tweeting to try and grab media attention. If they merge, they would have a similar subscriber base as the big 2 & it would be a completely different ballgame. Idk if Legere would be as effective as he is now.
  8. I assumed that it was a monetary decision after a cost/benefit analysis that was going to make the western pa market last... but after almost every other market has been updated,it's like there really is no plan going forward. They are even prioritizing an area with NO customers (Montana) over western pa where they actually have service & customers! So hearing that shentel wanted to expand geographically after hearing that N-Telos might be for sale, the western pa market also seemed plausible. But I don't know if shentel would be able to financially handle adding both of these areas.
  9. Sprint should just sell the market here to shentel, who I believe would want to have the same level of service they currently provide in their current service area. It would be an opportunity for shentel to expand (if they don't buy n-telos, which I know was rumored) and sprint would collect the royalty... which might be more than they get from having a 3G network that the few subscribers left are fleeing.
  10. As an economics major I completely agree with you about the numbers in the middle rows, b/c US cellular should be weighed only in the areas they serve, making the numbers useless to compare. But in trying to get the last column, I see what they were doing... Proving that sprint had a decided advantage in the capacity department. It also shows that US Cellular is on par with t-mobile with spectrum/subscriber & ahead of Verizon & AT&T. Anyway, I hope sprint can finally deploy and make use of their spectrum to gain a competitive advantage.
  11. They have a high school in Erie & therefore own the education spectrum licence that clearwire (and now sprint) lease. I'm not sure if they feel they should get more money or what could be the source of the problem if it's not money (which is ironically hypocritical for a church). This could stop sprint from deploying 2600Mhz, and possibly was one reason WiMax was never deployed, but does not fully explain their dislike of the whole region. With few remaining customers left there, you would think they could do a GMO LTE option and maybe re-farm a second PCS carrier and give a good eno
  12. I'm talking about LTE availability, not panel & base station installs. The actual amount of coverage that the average sprint subscriber sees. Using the numbers available here, 77% off towers have LTE which sounds good, but it is the more rural areas that make up a large geographic area that have yet to be graced with LTE. Plus don't forget that there are some areas that are 99% upgraded with LTE and others that are 50-60% some (western pa) only GMO's with no real time line for upgrades. There are holes, and until they start addressing that, the perception is going to be that sprint isn'
  13. It's is nice to see news that sprint is doing something, but this is an underwhelming announcement for the company. They need a flagship city to prove how they will eventually be in every city with a similar deployment... But unless you live in Chicago, this news only means that your city is NOT getting upgraded as fast as we would like to see. I'd rather ser them get to 100% LTE tower completion, but I am going to remain optimistic that we will hear the full nationwide plan soon. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to complain about Chicago getting upgraded to LTE-A, just that the are gaping h
  14. There were customers there when I was in school in Erie just a few years ago, but that was before NV and I cannot imagine they have faired well these past few years. It was only city people that had the service, b/c it falls off the radar once you pass over 90. And of those customers, I would venture to say half or more were probably prepaid brands. The benefit to sprint is that this area has 5 colleges (Penn state Behrend, Mercyhurst, Gannon, LECOM, and Edinboro to the south) not only will some students have Sprint service before they get to school, but if Sprint were to sure up coverage S
  15. If my math is right, this would increase their total towers by 20%! Even if over half of them are 2600 only, those will alleviate many holes where people would traditionally drop to 3G or drop in building calls. Overall, they need to do this if they are going to compete with the big dogs, even though it is probably 10,000 towers short of completely matching their coverage. Their roaming partnerships for LTE will help make up that difference, and eventually if they see an opportunity to build over or buy one of the other companies they can still do that in the future. I would still like
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