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  1. Lets see if I did this right?? Check this link for a screen video of what mine was doing https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZVSWfCT9yx446d5D9
  2. My S-20 ultra had a bad radio... It took sometime to verify it... but it was jumping in & out of signal, and bands and all manner of crap.. Took a few months to figure it out, because it was intermittent. So its a possibility, but doubtful across a large swath
  3. I chatted with a foreman the other day (figured out what tmo panels look like lol) but he was also "on lend" from a verizon contractor. So he didn't know a ton.. but enough. It's going on, it seems like its a little bit of slow process. And things screw up there to (he had an install were the panels S/N didn't match that which was on the paper work back in the office) AND TMO does more over the phone vs having a eng. on hand like verizon does, so it slows it down a bit if they have a hiccup... Like wrong S/N lol
  4. So when they do keep sites..... Are they keeping the sprint hardware?? or is everything getting swapped out?? I always thought 2500MHZ is 2500 MHZ with the tweaks being on the software side making it compatible for XXX spectrum bands
  5. Between the Hillfield road and Layton Parkway exits. Just south of the kia dealership. Has been an empty tower since the nextel merger.
  6. ok question.. are these new panels for tmo? they are adding to a tower that has been empty since the Nextel merger (my guess it was a Nextel tower) the guys were way up and probably couldn't hear me anyway
  7. Was it a s-20+ to begin with?? My ultra was having all sorts of issues. I finally tweeted (which that works well to) a video of what my phone was doing.. and after 2 weeks and going through network checks, and taking the phone in, you know playing the game. I got a Note 20 replacement. (because they are out of a bunch of phones)
  8. Let me reach out to my business guy (lost my dedicated guy, which is stupid) He is in a group of 50, but I have his email and he can call out, or we email back and forth... Ill see if he has a individual contact person
  9. THIS ^^^^^^^^^^ Is the biggest hang up they will have moving "groups" over.. They either need to transfer over the phones some how... Allow you to turn them in without penalty, or some other way. I think its horse crap its a hang up and as big of deal as it is. As a business, I have 11 lines out there, 6 of which are in a lease right now you really think I am interested in paying all those off?? Also when its tmo towers causing issues, and I have to talk to a sprint CS rep. REALLY???? There are many things that are stupid on the backside, of this whole thing, more than I thought there would be. But the end, will be soooooooo nice
  10. So any S-20 users IF you happen to have some signal issues, let me know.. I think mine started last fall, and progressively got worse. I kept thinking it was network related, possibly phone.. But after a month of digging in, and actually having a direct contact at Sprint to work through it. It appears to be the phone, The antennas as best I can figure went bonkers, they were fine at this time, and not so much at others.. I was missing calls that didn't even register on my phone, speeds would suck. Got a Note 20 Ultra as a replacement..... WOW this is what your phone and a good network are suppose to do... Compared it the other day at 1 of the first known "issue" areas (remember it was phone but I thought towers) I couldn't load maps, or any simple webpages.. Did a speed test, and like .40 down and 5 up. The other day 586/48. I wish when I send it back, that they could reach out and tell me what the issue was....More for my own curiosity lol
  11. I just cant get on the fruit train.. With that said they ALLLLLL have issues, like the carriers, or tv companies. You have to know what you want to deal with.
  12. So 1 of 2 things happened (ok probably both). My phone issue bouncing signals, in & out of service etc etc. Was bigger than I thought even a few months ago.. Or they have done work on a tower where I had good signal (low 90s) but couldn't even open maps. It was bad. Today i am in that same area and thought I would run a speed test on my replacement phone (note 20 ultra replacing s20 ultra) Yeah almost 600 down and 50 up.. Something's fixed
  13. So i have now joined the family.. anything interesting or of note I should know
  14. So the note I got turned out to be "used" probably was tried out a few days.. Stickers to seal box were new, everything looked fine, only 1 plastic cover was on the bottom edge. How do I know?? Battery dead right off (thought was odd) Charged and turned on, wall paper with a pattern lock 😬😬 So I reset with button (not realizing because its been a while that there was google lock).. Had to locate a Samsung authorized repair place, get my paper work together showing MY ownership, take it to him and get it reset.. WHAT an adventure this has been... lets hope it's all done, and I have no issues with this note
  15. looks like ill be getting a Note 20 ultra.. I guess that works.. I hope I don't notice the 500 mah difference in battery.. I am just happy they had 1 they could send me... The inventory is at seriously low levels on things
  16. Well considering EVERYTHING seems to be back ordered. I might be lucky to get an A-12 (just kidding lol) But seriously, I may be stuck with what ever... And its not an upgrade per se. It's a replacement for my phone going wonky
  17. what downgraded?? I remember them talking about it, but I cant remember what
  18. So it appears my "signal" bouncing issues (how do i shrink a video for here??) Is phone related NOT network.. Problem, in talking with the tier 2 CS guy.. Seems they dont have any around to replace mine with?? So now what?? anyone dealt with a wonky phone that needs to be swapped and they dont have any?? how does that work? hummmm inside a year BARELY for warranty.. bought in June
  19. floorguy

    Any wing users?

    So I may be in the market for a new phone.. And if I can snag this or the 6 at a smoking deal, I might do it.. So anyone have one?? how has it been ??
  20. Long story so i wont bore everyone. But how has it been?? I may be needing a new phone.. Or the wing, saw it in store, IT is interesting
  21. I didn't check was driving and the wife gets mad when I fiddle with the phone while driving haha. But I could stream a pod cast and an mlb game. So ok enough for that
  22. On the way home along the I-15 corridor it parked me on att roaming... I couldn't get it to kick off. I don't know if they are working on things out here or what... But even my signal check has been bouncing in and out of signal. It won't let me load the screen recording of it though. So I don't know if it's the app or the signal
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