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Don't worry Sprint will be the king of data


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It's all about timing, but when they execute a robust TDD network all hell will break loose.

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I hope they can get the density right for B41. It will be an amazing network (when you're outside obviously) if it is dense enough. Assuming they keep everyone who has a B41 signal on B41 then even when you go inside and drop to b26 or b25 speeds should still be great because those will hopefully be much less crowded. 

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I did my own Sprint network test this past weekend while at Bristol Motor Speedway (Food City 500) which brought in around 102,000 fans estimated.


I tested Sprint's post-Network Vision network in different areas at the track and in and around the camping grounds using my Samsung Galaxy S3, I took two speed tests and did three test calls in each location.  I utilized SignalCheck Pro to verify that I was using different sites and not just one site. *Note*  Sprint has two sites in this location one atop a hill adjacent to the track, the other is located in turn three atop of the backstretch suite.  I'm not posting site IDs due to this thread being public.  

  • The average download speed was around 6.82Mbps with a upload of 2.65Mbps with a latency of 85ms on 1900 PCS LTE.
  • Out of the 15 test calls performed none of them dropped, it did however take a few extra seconds for the call to connect on one of the sites. This was also on Sprint's 1x RTT 1900 PCS not 800 SMR.

Sprint didn't break any speed test records down there, but the point here is that Sprint network was consistent and reliable.  I was quite happy and Sprint held up to my expectations.  Now on with Network Vision!  :)


Addition:  The average 1x RTT RSSI was -81dBm while the average LTE RSRP was -90dBm.


For those that are curious about 3G EVDO I did switch my phone into CDMA/EVDO only mode and took two speed tests the average download floating around 1.01Mbps Download and .56Mbps Upload with a latency of 97ms.  

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