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  1. The Nextel merger killed this company. The net result was a 5x5 slice of 800mhz LTE, several years of headaches, and billions of dollars net losses.
  2. They never injected any money anyways. All Masa did was that scheme of putting the spectrum as collateral.
  3. Yes, you missed something I state he moved to Japan due to a promotion as Softbank executive. Lmao, there was plenty of low band spectrum to buy a couple of years back in that 600mhz auction. Daddy Softbank at the time was putting together a vision fund that had funds up to 100 billion. I am sure they wouldn't have any problem buying low-band spectrum instead they went into a spending spree of significant investments: Uber $9.3B ARM Holdings* $8.2B NVIDIA $5.0B WeWork** $4.4B Flipkart $2.5B GM Cruise $2.3B One97 Communications (Paytm) $1.9B OneWeb* $1.2B Ping An Healthcare Technology $1.2B Roivant $1.1B Fanatics $1.0B SoFi* $1.0B Katerra $0.9B Auto1 $0.6B Doordash $0.5B Improbable* $0.5B Vir $0.5B ZhongAn $0.5B Compass $0.5B Ping An Good Doctor $0.4B Guardant Health $0.4B Wag $0.3B OYO $0.3B Slack $0.3B Plenty $0.2B Mapbox $0.2B Nauto* $0.2B Brain Corp.
  4. Marcelo moved to Japan a handful of months ago. I think he moved his whole family to Tokyo from what I can see on his twitter feed. He ain't coming back to Overland Park ever again. The guy got a big promotion as a Softbank executive for cutting so many expenses at Sprint.
  5. The law of physics will kill how much billions Verizon spend deploying that useless spectrum. Its already looking like the Sprint 4G WiMAX launch. What surprised me the most was that their executives said they didn't have a plan to buy more spectrum down the road. Looks like Lowell McAdams left the chip before started to sink. Even the CBRS 3.5ghz band will have coverage issues which makes me believe this is the game Uncle Charlie at Dish is playing. One of these carriers will come to the tablet whether they want to or not in order to acquire all that unused spectrum they have.
  6. PC magazine tested Verizon 5G network in Chicago and it's basically a disaster in the making. https://www.pcmag.com/news/367659/heres-the-real-truth-about-verizons-5g-network You have a small cell/tower across the street from a Starbucks then inside of the next building to it, you drop to 41mbps LMAO while outside you would get over 400mbps. MMwave is a crap spectrum. Sprint was well positioned to smoke the competition on 5G had those cheap Japanese investors would have given them a vote of confidence. 2.5ghz is the sweet spot for 5G, its give you coverage and badass speeds.
  7. "The proposed @TMobile @Sprint merger is vital to accelerating the deployment of a nationwide mobile #5G network, enabling the U.S. to take a leadership position in 5G." Translation this government needs to approve this merger so I can the millions of dollars that I was promised then I would move back to Seattle where I used to reside during my Clearwire days.
  8. So Claure is now crying that Sprint doesn't have low band spectrum to compete..... Well wasn't this the guy alone with his former CFO that said during many conferences earning calls that low band is the spectrum of the past. Sprint/Softbank colluded with Tmobile to allow them to buy most of the 600mhz band while they sat out.
  9. They will always be the redheaded stepchild until they deliver big results on the network side against the competition. Also, everyone in the industry has given up to the idea that Sprint will be around in 8 months.
  10. With the current administration, all you need is a nice bribe, but I don't want to get political on this forum.
  11. Yikes, The auction that they needed to participate was the 600mhz one, but since we know they were colluding with Tmobile for a proposed merger it doesn't matter anymore. Sprint has plenty of unused spectrum for 5G, that 120mhz of band 41 would allow them to bring peak speeds of 4Gpbs as 5G mature. Tmobile paying 26 billion for Sprint I would say they got it on the cheap.
  12. If they migrate all customers to PCS and AWS they better have a state of the art small cell network in every city since that is what Verizon did with their PCS and AWS holdings here in New York City and congestion is a thing of the past. This merger is the most idiotic decision in the history of the business, especially when the 5G era is about to begin and Sprint was going to have the upper hand.
  13. If this merger goes through....... The bottom line this transaction is pretty much a done deal and the only ones that will be barking are some of the state's attorney generals. I am glad this thing will be done so we once and for all see the Global Crossing John Legere in full display 6 months after the merger is completed. Oh, I am not sure why most of those Sprint employees at Overland Park still around not typing their resume because Legere and his gang eventually will shut down that campus. Do you think that having to pay rent, local taxes for two campus is a great business decision... I think not. The Overland Park campus will be sold completely to that startup healthcare company that is making the rumors. Sprint network team will be dismissed once the network integration is completed. I am sure those Tmobile network people don't think highly of the Sprint ones. The Tmobile gang is now saying all the right things to please the Feds and to make feel comfortable Sprint workforce, but once everything is official they will hand pink sleeves left and right.
  14. I guess he meant Tmobile to build 5G more quickly. I know Marcelo wants to get his merger bonus and run back to Miami permanently.
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