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  1. Oh thats unfortunate. It makes sense I guess since the last update was in Nov 2015 on the non premier one. Are the premier maps out of date too? Anyone actually been to Door County with sprint recently? I had ATT when I was there 2 years ago and it was just improving. I have T-Mobile now as my main line and I know it's just throttled and capped att roaming there with them. I wanted to bring my Nexus 6p on Ring Plus and use their native coverage in Sister Bay since it will be better than T-Mobile roaming.
  2. Anyone know what is happening with the sites in Door County? They were NV complete a long time ago, but years later they are still 3g only. Sprint's coverage map seems to indicate these received LTE since it shows LTE all up the peninsula. Are the maps just out of date or does Sprint really think their 1 LTE tower across Green Bay is enough to cover Door County with LTE north of Sturgeon Bay?
  3. I was the 2nd poster in that Reddit thread to confirm my LTE DIscovery was showing Band 26 and the GCI's were 0A/0B. I live in the Northwest valley and saw these GCI's and trusted LTE Discovery, it looks like I was mistaken and it was just the 2nd Band 25 carrier. The signal strength was about the same as the normal Band 25 I connect to so it makes sense it is just the 2nd Band 25 carrier.
  4. Freedompop's customer service isn't great and I haven't tried this with freedompop specficially, but I did it with Ting. I called Ting's customer support and they moved the imei from the prepaid database to the post paid one and I activated it on my postpaid count immediately after. If freedompop is giving you trouble you could try activating it on Ting, then immediately call them and have them return the eligibility for a postpaid account and hopefully you can activate it.
  5. Nope 100% stock never rooted ZVA.
  6. I tried to side load the update and it boot looped after flashing and was able to .tot flash back to zv7. I was definitely on the ZVC bootloader and recovery so I can confirm you can flash back from ZVC.
  7. That's been the entire mornings discussion . Most of us have had success getting the update by clearing the data from google services framework.
  8. The google services framework seemed to work for me too. I restored back to ZV7 and got up to ZVA quickly. Then it wouldn't pull the ZVC update but after force stopping the framework and clearing data then checking for an update about 4 times it finally showed up.
  9. True boot loop is a more apt term . I'm about to do the same thing. Coming from HTC the restore process on this phone is so much more annoying with LGFlashtools requiring a lot of work to set up right but luckily I have already done it before so I should be up and running soon. This time I'll be patient and try the google framework method.
  10. Just a note for the adventurous and impatient type, do not try to adb side load the update. I downloaded the update zip from the google servers and then side loaded it in stock recovery and even on a stock unrooted ZVA build it bricked my phone. This happened to quite a few people apparently and luckily I can restore back to ZV7 when I get a chance. My data was all replaceable on my phone so it's not a big deal but just be patient!
  11. The wifi calling would be a sprint feature they build into the manufacturer software like Tmobiles. AOSP doesn't support it hence why the Nexus 5 doesn't have it on Tmobile nor does the iphone since apple keeps their software closed off and sprint/tmobile can't modify it to put in wifi calling.
  12. I'm not sure how it would work exactly. Theoretically it could connect to LTE but their 3G network is proprietary so you definitely won't have 3G. You would have to be on edge to make voice calls and since the phone requires eCSFB network side to receive calls while on LTE I would be surprised if everything worked right. You will most likely be on edge the whole time on china mobile due to their crazy network theologies.
  13. ioroot on xda works very well for root. It doesn't list sprint support but it works fine. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
  14. The sensorly issue hopefully won't be an issue for too long since everyone going forward will be slowly upgrading to tri band devices. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
  15. Also my understanding is the update will be ZVC, plus the almost non existent description I call BS as well. Rumor has it the delay is because they are adding wifi calling.
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