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Since the membership has grown so much and people many people are subbed to dozens of topics I am wondering if its feasible to ad a tagging system similar to XDA that would allow people to tag a member when they may be needed for comment on a certain topic. I am really just bringing up the idea because it would convenient however has potential for abuse. Im sure @SRGRU would get pinged all the time along with some of the other members. On top of that Im no sure how hard it would be to integrate it into the system. Anyway I just thought I would bring it up and get some comments on it. 

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I think this would work for approximately 5 minutes, and then it would be eliminated due to how overwhelmingly annoying it would become. Robert is already inundated with tasks and responses and PM's.... I am sure. To have any of the major contributors to this forum constantly tagged would be like giving ice cream to children. ME NEXT ME NEXT ME NEXT. Not to mention if notifications work correctly on their mobile devices, the battery life would cease to exist.


Sounds good in theory, but I don't think it would be practical for a forum like this. 



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While Robert has the final say, I don't think this will work as one hopes it would. Besides the reasons jamisonshaw pointed out, if a member posts in a thread, they most likely are subscribed to it and could get a notification. For those that haven't or find it bothersome getting swamped with emails, a simple pm can suffice to draw their attention.



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