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I just got back from Canada with my Nexus 5


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I just got back from a trip to Canada with my Nexus 5.  After reviewing my options I decided to go the local prepaid sim card route.  I went with Petro-Canada which is offering a $5 micro sim with a minimum of a $15 top up to the account.  I then used $10 of the account balance for an allocation of 100MB of data.  Each additional MB after the 100 is only $0.10 too so there is no penalty for running over.  The only gotcha I ran into, being new to gsm/umts, was the need to program the APN settings.  Petro-Canada doesn't make it entirely clear either.  Well at least it wasn't for me.  They have settings on their website but they are listed under MMS settings.  Anyway, once I got it working the Nexus performed well and I had plenty of data available for my short trip to the north.  The plan did not include any LTE connections but I was able to connect to HSPA+, as indicated by signal check, so my speeds were very good.  When I got back I swapped my Sprint sim back in and everything worked as expected.  So if you find yourself headed north, check out Petro-Canada.  It worked very well for me.

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