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  1. I pre-ordered one but it never came in. I inquired with customer service several times and then just quit trying. They completely botched the launch and their customer service is terrible! I too may eventually try one if heavily discounted.
  2. I ordered one this morning and figured I'd give it a try. 15 day return policy if it underwhelms me.
  3. Not thrilled with the fact that he missed his own deadline. He shouldn't make promises/statement he can't keep. It has me questioning my decision to buy one. Reliability/follow through should be a pillar for every start up company.
  4. Nothing but problems for me with reception since moving to Android 6.0 via OTA. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
  5. Anyone know when they will release the LTE version?
  6. TH4RO

    HTC One E8

    Let us know how you like it.
  7. I agree that the N9 appears to be lacking in the details department.
  8. Did anyone notice the video capture specs?
  9. Hey Josh, where on the list did you put it?
  10. Remember the good ole days of knowing when a person had a car phone based off of the antenna stuck to the window? Seems like just yesterday everyone had one. Later they progressed to into the fins on the roof if you bought the manufacturers branded/built in phone. The questions: Did those exterior antennas really provide better reception? Did these car manufacturers branded phones that were detachable really make use of the shark fin antenna or just the one on the phone? Is it even possible for modern phones to make use of an exterior antenna on a vehicle since they have so many? If they do provide better reception should car manufacturers find a way to connect to the phone and build in all the antennas into the vehicle? Is a modern connected car antenna more powerful than a phones? I realize the connected car exists now (Audi A8 to name one). A dedicated phone charging port that connects to the cars more powerful antennas would be handy. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  11. TH4RO

    HTC One E8

    The 805 would be nice from a carrier aggregation stand point.
  12. TH4RO

    HTC One E8

    Seems like I remember reading that Max came out in Q4 last year.
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