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  1. I pre-ordered one but it never came in. I inquired with customer service several times and then just quit trying. They completely botched the launch and their customer service is terrible! I too may eventually try one if heavily discounted.
  2. I ordered one this morning and figured I'd give it a try. 15 day return policy if it underwhelms me.
  3. Not thrilled with the fact that he missed his own deadline. He shouldn't make promises/statement he can't keep. It has me questioning my decision to buy one. Reliability/follow through should be a pillar for every start up company.
  4. Nothing but problems for me with reception since moving to Android 6.0 via OTA. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
  5. The new individual plans should go a long way to attract new customers and help some existing ones as well. I am pleased with the announcement. Sprint should consider adding 3-5 gigs of hotspot to this plan as a promotion when the new iPhones come out. That would be a pretty sweet deal that would sweeten the pot further.
  6. Not impressed with new plans. They are okay but I don't see people flocking to Sprint for this. You might be disappointed by some of the fine print. See some of the fine print from the Sprint website below. The good news is you can use your phones hotspot without an additional monthly fee and the data comes from family plan.
  7. Glad to see you post an article again. It has been a while since we have had the fearless leader do a write up. Welcome back! I look forward to more.
  8. Thank you to all of y'all!
  9. Was anyone else surprised by the low breakup fee? Only $75M if Sprint backs out. Apple, Google are you out there? I would say Berkshire as well but Mr. Buffett only buys businesses he understands and as he stated he does not understand wireless. Hesse has the plan to return to profitability but he does not have the money to get there. Any other USA players out there want to step up?
  10. I was at the airport yesterday as well and only had 4g when I was on the plane taxing to the gate.
  11. I was hoping Hesse would talk a little more about the rollouts picking up more steam. I enjoyed reading today about MetroPCS being 97% done with LTE. They had a good qtr and attributed it to the lower operating cost of their new LTE network.
  12. You forgot to include the northwest corner of GA as being sprinkled with LTE in this wave. The carpet capital of the world needs a little Sprint LTE loving too!
  13. You would think that this would get mentioned in the press release if it was going to have it but hey it would not be the first time they overlooked something either! The real question is who is returning there EVO for the S3?
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