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Sprint blurry images

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I'm new to the forum. I haven't heard much talk about this issue but it bothers me a lot. So, I switched from AT&T to Sprint. I run a photography blog and I've noticed on Sprint that images constantly load blurry and pixelated despite being on the LTE network. It's really hard to deal with when I'm constantly using my phone for photography purposes. On AT&T, I've never had this problem.


Can someone help me? Does this happen to you guys too or is it just my device (iPhone 5)?


Thank you!

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I think I remember someone saying that they noticed that Sprint was compressing HTTP traffic, and downsampling images to save on bandwidth.


If that's true, well, it may very well be what you're running in to. Naturally, anything encrypted (aka HTTPS) won't run in to this.

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Sprint recompresses images and video.


The only way I know how to stop them doing this is to use a VPN on your phone.



I heard someone saying this before. I tried comparing some images off an on a vpn and I could not see a difference. It was even on a strained LTE site. Maybe they need to fix that on the site and it won't be as strained.


I would be curious what it does on wifi.

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You used to be able to get around this by blocking connections to Sprint injects Javascript into all pages from that IP address. You also used to be able to get around this by changing your user agent.


Unfortunately, it looks like Sprint is intercepting the image URLs themselves now (again depending on user agent).

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