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How is the EV-DO and LTE spectrum allocated on an NV 1900 Cell Site?

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Hello All,


My first post here. Forgive me if this topic has been asked / answered elsewhere. I have been reading the forums here  for a while and have not seen this topic anywhere.


I'm somewhat familliar with how CDMA2000 allocates it's channels within a slice of spectrum, and how in-builder active repeater systems work in terms of that, but when it comes to how Sprint is rolling out TD-LTE overlays on it's existing 1900 Mhz spectrum, and preserving the aforementioned protocols, how is it allocating the LTE chunks?


Is it simply stealing 3G channel chunks away for LTE?


Is there any dynamic "on the fly" allocation / reallocation of 3G EV-DO and LTE occuring "on demand" per cell site/sector as user demands increase or decrease?


Thanks all!

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Sprint has been deploying a 5Mhz FDD LTE carrier in new PCS G-Block spectrum.  The legacy A-F blocks for CDMA2000 1X and EVDO are being left in place.  When a site is 3G accepted, the CDMA2000 1X is being upgraded to 1X Advanced and the EvDo carriers start running through the new cabinets (and on the new backhaul if installed.)


Sprint is also launching a CDMA2000 1X Advanced carrier and 5Mhz FDD LTE carrier in the rebranded SMR spectrum from Nextel.  All current phones and select phones going back to the EVO 3D will support the 1XA voice channel in SMR.


Finally, Sprint and Clearwire have launched TD-LTE in the BRS/EBS 2500/2600Mhz spectrum.  These are 20Mhz TD-LTE channels, I don't remember the exact download/upload time slots, but it might be 3:2.

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Just to make it more interesting and if my memory serves me correctly, in some areas (Southern LINC territory) they will launch CDMA2000 1X Advanced carrier and a 3 Mhz FDD LTE carrier in the SMR spectrum.


I also recall a comment somewhere that refarming of some of the A-F PCS blocks (to add another 5 Mhz FDD LTE carrier) could happen toward the end of next year in some markets...

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Thanks all for your responses, I do now understand how it's rolling out....


Among other things, It's going to be very interesting to see how the handsets perform handoffs between the spectrum slices.


Where I reside, there are quite a few former SMR sites that never got Synergy updates for PCS band inclusion (in more rual locations). Perhaps now they will finish that as they deploy 1XA... we shall see.

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