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iPhone 5 changes time when on LTE


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My iPhone 5 will be an hour off it will show 3pm when it's actually 4. If I turn off LTE it will switch to the correct time, But the moment I turn on LTE it subtracts an hour. Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it?

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There is a tower in town that broadcasts central time for some reason, as well. I just went into settings and manually set the time instead of letting the network do it.

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My Evo, when you go into the date and time settings whenever I am connected to a particular tower will literally say central time. If I connect to another tower, it says eastern time. I think that some towers are literally not set properly or they just broadcast whatever time zone that was preset.

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As stated, the LTE site you are connecting to is setting the system clock for you.  Go into your Date/Time settings and change from network managed and set it yourself.

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    • Another SCP beta is rolling out now -- should hopefully resolve the issue with the new NR NSA band display missing on some devices. To clarify, this new field will only appear if the NR frequency is identified (i.e. the app is showing "5G-NR 2500"). If the frequency is not displayed, that means it is not available.. this information is not widely reported on NSA connections yet, although it is becoming more common. @chamb your S22 was not reporting the information at the time of your report, that is why you are not seeing it.
    • Sprint eNB 5777 -> T-Mobile eNB 219211 Located at 40.598077070553046, -74.06554695233527 I actually passed by this site last summer when I was searching for Staten Island keep sites and at the time it wasn't broadcasting the keep PLMN. 
    • March 1st Play Store update appears to be out for our device (not sure when it came out).
    • Mike, i sent you a screen shot of my S22 not displaying the band or site note or the neighbor list as I see on your example.
    • Hmmm interesting.. it's working on my Pixel 7 and A32, you should see something similar to below. I will add some extra logging and get another update out tonight.  
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