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  1. I have the same problem Mine is with the LTE if I switch it over to 3G it will have the right time. I have experienced this in several different states. What I do is manually set my phone to NY time zone
  2. It's a pain because it keeps flipping back & forth as you lose the LTE signal.
  3. My iPhone 5 will be an hour off it will show 3pm when it's actually 4. If I turn off LTE it will switch to the correct time, But the moment I turn on LTE it subtracts an hour. Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it?
  4. today when I went past Briggs Hill(AM & PM) I got terrible 3G. The only place I was able to get LTE was over on Scottsdale Road.
  5. I was getting 4G around the mall and over by Campbell Lane & Nashville Road yesterday afternoon.
  6. My signal on the Smiths Grove tower doesn't go too far south towards Bowling Green. I usually loose it right past Oak Grove at the Coca Cola plant. Next time try toggling your phone to the airplane mode for a few seconds so you can make sure your still getting the LTE signal as you're traveling away from the tower.
  7. Ok I was at the casino & over by green river mall area
  8. I was in Evansville over the weekend & I never picked up any 4G.
  9. i am all over BG everyday & I haven't had a problem with roaming. Just some really slow 3G
  10. Roaming in Bowling Green or other areas of KY? Depends on where I go if I roam or not. Sprint has a lot of area in KY that is not covered.
  11. I am all over BG everyday & hit every tower & there is no LTE at all. I know almost all the sites but the one on Briggs Road look like they are ready to go. I keep hoping they flip the switch any day now.
  12. the call center in Margate Florida is contracted out to a company call TAG (The Answer Group) they do Advance Technical Support, Smart Phone & Billing, & Blackberry Support. Have a friend who works there & it's a TERRIBLE place to work.
  13. last time I was there I didn't see any fresh dirt dug up where back haul had been laid. I drive by that tower on 65 Monday thru Friday & haven't seen action there for a long time
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