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PTT post-iDEN


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So, in the post-iDEN world, there are relatively few Sprint devices that support Direct Connect, nd the list continues to not include higher-end phones. From the reviews on the Play Store, Direct Connect Now is disaster, and it's only available on a couple, non-LTE-enabled, free phones.


Any bets on whether this situation will improve?


If not, where would you go for PTT? It seems like the two big entrants into the field are Voxer (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8) and Zello (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows). Voxer seems a little more responsive over 4G, but Zello has a CB radio-like "channel" feature which is kind of fun if you want to waste a...er...meet new people who share your interests. Voxer is definitely going for the Nextel sector with its Pro service, which it'll be charging $10/mo for sooner rather than later. But I haven't yet had two phones in the same room with the client to see how fast call setup and connection times are over LTE-to-LTE. Maybe later this week.


What does everyone else have to say about this? PTT over IP is definitely the way things are going at this point, and low latency on LTE means that it's now feasible to do PTT with reasonable performance unaided by the cellular carrier itself. But the carrier *can* do it better if it puts in the tme and effort to do so. Or it could, in theory, support a third-party app by making sure that app was connected directly into the cellular backbone...

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    • Just got back from Puerto Rico. I spent a lot of time going around the San Juan metro area, predominantly in Viejo San Juan, Santurce, Isla Verde, and a short stop in University Gardens.  T-Mobile's network still performs as well today as it did when I last tested and in my opinion is the best on the island. n41 is still at 100MHz in most areas though I did record a few areas with only 80MHz. Yesterday the FCC announced that they're finally granting T-Mobile their Auction 108 winnings so we'll probably finally see that increase. They also have 15MHz of n25 and 15MHz of n25 and 15MHz n71. The fastest speed I recorded while there was 922 down and 120 up, presumably aggregating n41+n25 and potentially n71 as well but I wasn't able to confirm that. A couple of things I noticed about their network are that their is a ton of split-sector n25 deployed in San Juan, much like in the U.S. I even noticed some n41 sites that had 4 or more sectors. The weirdest being the site on top of SJU Airport where they have 6 n41 sectors each broadcasting 80MHz of n41. AT&T SIMs roam on LIberty's network but they still treat it as the home network. In my opinion they're the second best network in Puerto Rico. Liberty is still using the AT&T MCC-MNC code and is pretty much coasting on AT&T's network upgrades. They have 10MHz n5 virtually everywhere but I never saw my phone connect to any other 5G bands. Their saving grace was just how much spectrum they have to aggregate across midband and lowband. I'd see combos like 10MHz n5 + 20MHz B2 + 10MHz B66 + 10MHz Band 30 + 5MHz Band 2 and get upwards of 200Mbps. Coverage was slightly worse than T-Mobile in my experience, even indoors which is a surprise given T-Mobile usually struggles a bit indoors due to their macro density. Verizon is roaming on Claro in Puerto Rico just as they have been for years. No idea if there is 5G roaming because I was connected to LTE the entire time. Toggling 5G didn't do anything and both pings and speeds weren't great. Speeds were in the 20-40Mbps range consistently and pings over 200ms. For comparison T-Mobile's pings are in the teens and Liberty pings are in the 40's even when roaming using an AT&T SIM. Claro's network is ok in my experience with nothing really notable about it.  — — — — — Here are some pics of sites that I took:
    • WTB instructed to process all 2.5GHz licenses across the USA. They are only giving up some spectrum in certain markets of Hawaii.
    • Is this just for licenses in Hawaii?
    • Yeah, it basically directs the bureau to proceed with granting the applications in the normal course.  It's no longer being held by the AT&T objection. - Trip
    • I checked some counties for T-Mobile auction 108 licenses and the licenses have not been granted yet.  I expect it will take a few days or longer.
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