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  1. I have an S9 on T-Mobile that received the August update on August 16th. Nothing on the S20 Ultra since June.
  2. New update this morning. Still December 1 security
  3. New update over night. 241 MB Dec 1 security patch
  4. I just had to renew my Sprint Corporate discount last week.
  5. My S20 ultra is now on the 55574 PRL. If you don't now where to look, it is ##DEBUG# under Configuration
  6. When I am connected to B2 the ping times are over 500 with jitter over 1000 and speed test is around 2mbps down and 0.06 up. B66 gives me 20 mb down and 9mb up with 30 to 50 ping times. Something else I just noticed is you can not toggle VoLTE off now it is greyed out.
  7. According to the Tmobile website coverage map I am in a 5g area. Hopefully this is not what the network is going to be like because this terrible. My phone is displaying the 5g indicator and showing connected to a 2xCA 10+10 B2 carrier. As I am typing this it has switched to B66. Fingers crossed that it just needs to settle in for a while.
  8. My phone just got a system update but is still connected to B41. How long after the update should it take before it switches networks? Never mind. My phone lost all network connections for over a minute and now is connected to B2 w/10mhz bw with a speed test 1.97 dl and 0.06 ul.
  9. I had FedEx deliver to my local Walgreens because I couldn't be home to accept it. That may be an option for you. FedEx had a couple different sites to choose from.
  10. Lake Charles area has TAC 32122 and 32247. There may be others. I haven't checked the entire area yet
  11. I just sent a diagnostic report. I cannot export my site logs or backup. I did get this screen capture
  12. I can confirm tac has changed in the Louisiana market in Southwest LA
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