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  1. Trying to order on the samsung website and my $35 preorder credit does not show up. Anyone else ordering through Samsung?
  2. I received an update this morning.
  3. No. Still showing LTE Calling and WiFi Calling.
  4. August update on Sprint branded S9+
  5. My Sprint S9+ is now updated to Baseband G965USQU3BRK1 as of today.
  6. Is the newest firmware update for Volte markets only or nationwide?
  7. There are no updates showing for my Sprint S9+. Is your phone Sprint or unlocked?
  8. Got this text message after installing the update. Messenger's enhanced features have been enabled (Confirmation ID: 271392)
  9. I received a couple emails from Hulu. One stated that my account was being closed and then the next day I received an email stating that due to technical issues accounts were closed in error and to log back in and reactivate your account
  10. Quick question, I have Everything 450, w/unlimited calling and the international add-on from a couple years ago paying $ 72 a month. Does anyone believe moving to Unlimited Freedom make sense? I have Pre ordered the S9+ @ full price already . Thanks for any help given
  11. Would it do any good to remove S4GRU from tapatalk or is it something else within tapatalk causing the problem
  12. I have stopped using tapatalk for this forum and am using chrome mobile browser. I got blocked.
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