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Found 5 results

  1. Are you going to start a thread on Hurricane Michael?

  2. AT&T is making it known that it is going to try to capitalize on Sprint's iDEN shutdown over the next year. http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=22974&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=34695&mapcode=consumer|enterprise AJ
  3. So, in the post-iDEN world, there are relatively few Sprint devices that support Direct Connect, nd the list continues to not include higher-end phones. From the reviews on the Play Store, Direct Connect Now is disaster, and it's only available on a couple, non-LTE-enabled, free phones. Any bets on whether this situation will improve? If not, where would you go for PTT? It seems like the two big entrants into the field are Voxer (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8) and Zello (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows). Voxer seems a little more responsive over 4G, but Zello has a CB radio-like "channel" feature which is kind of fun if you want to waste a...er...meet new people who share your interests. Voxer is definitely going for the Nextel sector with its Pro service, which it'll be charging $10/mo for sooner rather than later. But I haven't yet had two phones in the same room with the client to see how fast call setup and connection times are over LTE-to-LTE. Maybe later this week. What does everyone else have to say about this? PTT over IP is definitely the way things are going at this point, and low latency on LTE means that it's now feasible to do PTT with reasonable performance unaided by the cellular carrier itself. But the carrier *can* do it better if it puts in the tme and effort to do so. Or it could, in theory, support a third-party app by making sure that app was connected directly into the cellular backbone...
  4. I love my admiral. It does everything I need it to do. I have been putting my own sounds into it so that when messages come in or emails arrive it plays the tone I recorded for it. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out where I should place the sounds that I want to show up as options for PTT alerts. It would be awesome if I got a PTT alert it would sound as if I had a Star Trek communicator or something like that. Does anyone know where I should place my sound files?
  5. Good morning, it appears that there is an outage of Sprint Direct Connect Service (not to be confused with Nextel Direct Connect). I contacted Sprint and they will acknowledge the issue but I did not get an ETA or a reason for the issue. I was hoping one of you could enlighten me to some degree. I mainly want to know why the service would go down and if I should expect that to be a regular occurrence while the service matures. Thanks.
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